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Did you miss me over the holiday weekend?  I had a lot of unexpected plans and decided to take off and enjoy myself 🙂  The life of a busy Goddess never stops though.  I got tons of orders for custom videos over the holiday so I’m back to fulfilling losers fantasies.  I got a few really great reviews I wanted to share on some of my recent videos.  If you haven’t checked out my the new feedback page there are more there.  Send me yours today!  Don’t forget you can leave my videos star ratings on kinkbomb as well.

artFan art and an edited review from a new fan.

 This review is from a new fan.  He liked his custom so much he made this artwork for me as well as an amazingly detailed review, I think it will convince anyone still doubting to buy a custom from me.  He already ordered another 20 minute custom less than a week later, I’d say he’s hooked!

“My first impression: Holy shit…that outfit! Even in my dreams I didn’t imagine you to look that awesome.  It’s like having my dream girl wear the hottest outfit on earth, and then realizing that I’m the first and only person to see this.  The next highlight was the posing! Bloody hell… have you never ever thought about becoming a professional pin-up model? I’ve had quite a few models pose for pinup art, but you really capture that pin-up spirit and attitude as if you never did anything else.

I love how much you interacted, how you kept on commenting your own actions while still talking directly to me a lot.  I loved that sadism and cruelty in your eyes,  calling me names, and your cheeky laughs. I think it was a good idea to make it such a long clip, because somewhere at this point, you seemed to really become one with your role. It didn’t seem like acting, it felt real. You let the mood of the clip carry you away and then your evil side took over. It was that moment I loved. Every human being has an evil side. It is usually suppressed and hidden, but you let it loose. It’s exactly that kind of creative viciousness that I was looking for, and that I find so hot in girls. And you didn’t just play a role, you actually found this thought entertaining, didn’t you? Even the greatest actor couldn’t act what was visible  in your gestures, in your smile, in your eyes and audible in your voice: that unleashing your evil side felt good. The rest of the clip, right until the end, was amazing.

My expectations were extremely high, and still I think that this custom video was worth every single dollar and every single minute of anticipation. You, miss Canna, aren’t only a great dominatrix, but also a very lovely person with a great sense of humor and I can imagine that many men fall for you, no matter if they are submissive or not.  And in case you wondered, yes you are the best femdom pornstar I ever had the honour of watching.”

I love this review, this is why I enjoy making customs so much.  I’m a perfectionist but it’s all so I can make your dream clip.  I’ve also posted a new home wrecker clip which has exploded in sales.

reviewreview on twitter for my new forced homewrecker video 


Luckily this one is available for resale in my clips4sale and kinkbomb stores.  You think you’re happy with your girlfriend but I’m going to make you cheat on her because I get what I want.  Can you really say no when I make you this hard?  I didn’t think so….   Buy it now!

Well if these reviews and my feedback page as well as evidence of my amazing videos in my two fetish video stores didn’t convince you, you might be a cheap faggot 🙂  Hahaha!   Read about ordering a custom video here.


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  1. J.A.

    I can really recommend everyone to order a custom clip. It’s completely different than just watching a regular clip (although I like those too). But having this redhead goddess act out your most personal and secret fantasies is an experience you’ll never forget. Just be sure to make a backup of that custom clip, because once you have it, you wouldn’t want to live without it anymore!


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