Happy Valentines to Me 🙂

Me and my man had a fabulous early Valentines yesterday, and of course I have to brag about it!  I know you’ll all be drooling in jealousy, how much you wish you were lucky enough to be my guy.  After sleeping in and having an early smoke we headed to get our hour long couples massage.  My first massage EVER.  I can’t believe I waited this long, it was amazing!  Definitely something I will be spoiling myself with more often.

Nice and relaxed we headed home to chill, dinner reservations were in 5 hours.  My boyfriend, and yes he knows how lucky he is, ended up getting a blow job on the couch.  Yes I am the best girlfriend ever 🙂 .  Later I got all dolled up for a fancy steak dinner.  I picked one of the top 10 steakhouses in the country and it did not disappoint!  $120 for a dry aged steak to split with my guy, cocktails, salads, dessert…so delicious!  Food is my biggest weakness, and cooking my favorite hobby.  We ended the night with a $240 bill and were extremely satisfied.  I know all my cuckolds loved reading the tweets through out the day and make sure you reimburse us for the meal haha!

Now more importantly, how can you give your Goddess an amazing Valentines?  Well I know that I’m the most important woman in your life.  So many of my fans are virgins so I know you don’t have another date!  Even if you do have a wife you spend more time jerking to me and so you should spend more on me this holiday!  Prove to me that you adore me more by spending on me and leaving her with nothing.

E-gift cards and tributes are perfect, they’ll come just on time 🙂  Or shop my amazon wishlist here.   Just make sure you put a smile on my face!  All of my slaves and fans should make sure I’m spoiled tomorrow.  I’ll be on cam in the evening to spend with all the lonely, single losers.  And those of you fucking your wives?  Make sure you think of me….


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Good boy! Thank you 🙂

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