Two years on clips4sale

Today I’m celebrating two years since the opening of my clips4sale studio!  Two years ago today I started posting my first clips of the ten I needed to open my store.  I first found out about clips4sale from some webcam friends of mine.  I’d been camming on a few websites since late 2010 and looking for ways to make money when I wasn’t online.  A few girls talked about clips4sale and selling fetish clips, I had a few fetish fans and I enjoyed making clips so I figured why not!  Of course my quality has vastly improved, I was only using my webcam when I started and not editing, but it’s fun to look back and see my clips improve as I learned.  Quickly after posting I started getting emails and requests, I was shocked!  I filmed  more, posted more and my sales grew.  As I made more clips in the same fetish my knowledge grew too.  I began asking questions, doing research, buying props.


My first clips posted to my studio. Some have been deleted since 2012

It wasn’t until after a move that I began to think about doing clips4sale full time.  My internet connection was out for a bit, my place was messy with boxes, I didn’t have the time or desire to do live cam shows.  Instead I filmed as much as possible when I could.   Sales were getting more consistent and I loved waking up to clip orders $$!  I wanted to focus on clips instead of camming but didn’t know if I could fully support myself doing that.  Then I came across a post by Larkin Love and a whole new business plan opened before me.  Filming clips was my passion,  I had 100% control over everything and if I didn’t like the final product I could delete it.   In April 2013 I invested in an HD camcorder and my orders for clips and customs started doubling.  Posting everyday became my mission and I was barely camming.  Filming and selling clips was working wonderfully for me, I found my “niche”.  Yes I do still cam occasionally, I do sell photos when I feel like it, but filming videos is what get’s me excited.

…and here I am now 🙂  Hope you enjoyed hearing a little more of my “start up”.  When I began posting these few clips two years ago I never imagined this would be the new normal, my new work day and client base.  My fans on clips4sale (and kinkbomb but that came later!) have always been so amazing and supportive.  A lot of what I learned is from my fans, from asking them about their fetish, what they desire to see and responding to that.   Even though I offer extreme humiliation, racial humiliation, taboo fantasies (things that have gotten me hate mail)- it’s always for my fans.  I don’t have many of these fetishes or fantasies but I enjoy portraying them for you.  I would never humiliate or insult someone who didn’t desire it or deserve it and many people outside the community don’t understand that.  We are all weird in our own way and I embrace that, celebrate it.  Maybe that is why I enjoy kinky people so much, in general they are very accepting and open minded.

To many more years filming clips, and whatever comes after that.


Clip collage made by my panty slave

As a follow up to this I’m going to do a post on some of my first clips.  First SPH clip, first ass worship, as well as some of my all time favorites.

Are you a fan who wants to spoil me or say thank you?  Send an email or gift card to my email  Some of my favorite Egift cards are listed on my site here.  My amazon wishlist can be found here or my filming prop wishlist here.  Tributes to my studios are always appreciated of course 🙂



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