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For cam sessions and custom videos I do NOT accept gift cards, gifts, or paypal.  Gifts are GIFTS.

ass cash

Want to send a tribute to your Goddess as a thank you for an amazing video or just because I deserve it?  I love receiving gifts and have an Amazon Wishlist full of things to spoil me with.  You can find my wishlist HERE.  Or send me a  gift card to my email

Here are a list of my favorite E-gift cards:



Victoria’s Secret

 If you are lucky your Goddess with spoil you with pictures to show how amazing I look in what your hard earned money bought me.  If you are interested in become a financial slave of mine or being responsible for paying some of my bills, email to see if you qualify.

Want to mail me cash, gift cards, or presents directly?  Nothing used or disgusting! Ship to:

Miss C
6715 NE 63rd st
Suite 103 #289
Vancouver, WA 98661

3 Replies to “Tribute / Spoil me”

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  2. YouDont Needtoknow

    I am your paypig.
    I got drunk and I spent 160$ at your kinkbomb page while watching your wallet drain forced intox videos.
    I love you ao much. You are beyond perfection. I would eat your period for breakfast every day even if you were an octogenarian.
    I wish I could spend more but I am a student and this is coming from my parents. Which adds to my guilt… so it feels awesome :p.
    Keep on keeping on Canna
    ! quesstion I have for you…
    Are you older than me or younger cuz since you dominate me it confuses me.
    Im 23 – you? Please reply, even if its a 1 word amswer. I want to prove myself worthy for you to talk to. I plan to do something great someday, Im in this awesome university and what not, so if I do, I want to proclaim that Goddess Canna was my secret elixir to the world. You think Im kidding but Im not. Im a radical. I dont give a shit what ppl think.

    You know what FUCK IT I am going to tribute atleast 20$ more (in the form of clips cuz it addicts even more:p). Im writing this so I dont pussy out. I love you beautiful. We should be together. I travel the world, I do stand up comedy in clubs, Im going to be someone someday, so dont write me off .


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