Happy Birthday Goddess!


Your cash looks better on my couch! Thanks to my #1 bitch – for now

I had a lovely birthday last month (April 22nd for those that forgot) and have been meaning to post some of the gifts & tributes that I received.  I get a lot of gifts, usually they come in waves.  Nothing for a week a week or two and then next thing I know my UPS is yelling at me to stop by and I walk out with my arms full every few days.  Some of these might not have been meant as bday gifts, maybe just a random wishlist purchase to make me smile, but they all arrived close enough 😉  I want to thank those of you that did spoil me in whatever way you could.  This post doesn’t include all the smaller tributes and big clip orders I got, too many of those to screenshot.  A lot of gifts that come from Amazon have no name or note attached so if I didn’t thank you it’s only because I had no idea who sent it.


Well you can’t see much of this “dress”


Thanks sissy in training

bday gift

Thanks loserboy

bday trib

Better late than never 😉 Thanks J


Thank you! My favorite author

Thank you! My favorite author

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?


One of my favorites, thanks sissy in training!


Another dress you can't see much of...

Another dress you can’t see much of…


Corset from silly slave

Birthday dinner selfie

Birthday dinner selfie, pretty casual when I’m not in corsets&fishnets

Happy Birthday to ME 🙂  Did YOU forget?  Make it up to me with a tribute or a wishlist binge.  I also LOVE gift cards sent to goddesscanna@yahoo.com or cash to my PO box (address under tribute/spoil me tab).  Please don’t ever send flowers or perishable items to my PO box, I only go every few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures in this post…what am I saying, of course you did.

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween 🙂   I used to love dressing up for the holiday but I basically get to do that anytime I want now!  I also love horror movies and all things spooky so I didn’t do much out of the ordinary.

Here’s some photos I snapped in one of my costumes.  My closet is full of costumes but this is a new one I just picked up!  I put together a little story with them, let’s call it the Hungry Giantess


Noticing you…


Distracting you


Crushing you!


Just a tiny, puny man


Hmm maybe you’d make a nice snack


Any last words?


Tiny males make great Goddess fuel


Can’t stop at just one nom nom nom

The End 🙂

What’s new with Goddess

Picture 141e

It’s almost the end of February, I can’t believe it!  I’ve been keeping myself busy of course with work and other “real life” things.  I don’t really talk about myself outside of work much, but lots of fans have been asking me questions.   Guess that’s what my blog is for!  So for some real life Goddess tidbits…

January was the third anniversary of my boyfriend and I.  Well actually the anniversary of our first date.  We met in Vegas during the AEE and he took me to my very first steak dinner 🙂  I eat a mostly plant based diet and he’s been the downfall of my healthy eating every since haha.  We went to the nicest (and most expensive) steak house in Portland and it was divine.  I stuffed myself because after that I went on a week long cleanse.  I’ve been having some minor health issues and lack of energy lately.  No wheat, grains, gluten, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, coffee, it was pretty much hell!  However it did feel great and was a nice reset.  Typing that as I have a vodka and diet coke 😉

February has kept me busy with gardening and cooking!  I’m quite the domestic Goddess and cooking is my favorite thing in this world.  On my cleanse I missed making elaborate recipes and using new cookbooks.   Also definitely missed eating it all!  Then my poor man got sick and has been for the last week.  Really it’s interfered with my sleep and filming since he’s coughing nonstop.  But he’s on the mend and luckily I didn’t get sick!

Picture 111

Now for some news regarding the Empire of Goddess Canna.  January my clip studios were updated almost daily, I spent a lot of time putting out lot’s of new videos for you addicts!  I’ve also been getting custom clip orders like crazy.  So much so that I have to take a short break from them.  My time filming customs has just started dominating my schedule.  I need to rearrange my schedule so I can film for my studio, film customs, have time to edit and post, answering emails, AND cam.  I’ve really been neglecting web cam.  Customs are a great source of income for me but the hourly rate I make after all it’s all finished isn’t close to what I make on cam.

Last night I got on for the second time this year.  I had so much fun!  Having life interaction, watching men eat their cum for me, getting instant responses….I missed it.  I will be making it a larger priority.  I’ve set up a LOOSE schedule for myself and as I cam more I’ll try to narrow done when the best hours are for me.   Want to see me live on cam?  Here’s the link to my cam room, if I’m not in a session you can view my cam live.

Picture 97

When I have a more firm schedule I’ll post it here and twitter.  I hope some of you drop by, even just to say hi.  Though you’ll probably end up staying and spending 😉

Until further notice NO more custom video requests will be accepted.  I will announce when I’m available again.

Oh and enjoy the pictures of some of my newest gifts!

First times

I wanted to do a blog post to feature some of my “first” clips.  Continuing to celebrate my two years on clips4sale.   With 50 pages of clips in my studios it’s a lot to sift through.  Plus sometimes the category overlaps make it hard to find all of my clips  of a certain fetish.  If you didn’t notice c4s has a lot of repeat categories like breast bouncing, bouncing boobs, boob bouncing…  not to mention a clip in that category I might also list as big breasts, tit worship, goddess worship, etc.  Don’t even get me started on the many JOI categories.  This makes it difficult when a fan only looks in one category, sometimes you aren’t seeing ALL of my clips that fit your fetish.

So here are some clips I wanted to highlight from 2-1.5 years ago.  If you are a Goddess Canna addict it’s your duty to own ALL of my  clips, even the very first.  Maybe this will inspire you to dig through the archives of my studios and find some new to you clips that should be in your collection…


Rules to be my boyfriend, my first humiliation clip and first femdom custom clip.  This was the first non mastubation custom clip I ever made.  The request was to make a list of rules a submissive boyfriend of mine would have to follow.

Nigga lover, my first bi humiliation / forced bi clip.  Men love to hear my voice as I describe how much they want a cock in their mouth.


Little dick loser was the first SPH clip in my studios!  One of my biggest selling fetishes still.  I’ll never forget my first SPH experience.  My second day on webcam and a guy wanted me to laugh as he compared himself to his phone.  I was hooked.  Humiliating little dicks for almost four years and counting…

My first ass worship clip was actually a G/G clip!  G/G ass worship is also the only non solo clip left in my studios (I deleted a few other G/G clips in 2013).  With the gorgeous Allysa Amour watch us strip each other down and take turns spanking, spreading, and worshipping each others ass.  This clip hasn’t sold nearly as much as it deserves.


Get high and submit to me, my first mind fuck / intoxication video.  This was followed by a few hypnosis clips and more intox clips.  Definitely a category I need more clips in.  I get many emails requesting it from addicted fans.

Below Suck my BBC my first strap-on video.  I get multiple requests to wear this when I’m on cam.  Really want to increase my strap-on collection soon.


My first taboo clip M0mmy’s big tits was entirely my idea.  Most the others that have followed were custom requests, I continue to get many requests.  I had no idea how large of a following this fetish had.

Followed by my first Cum Eating Instruction clip,  so long ago!  I don’t even remember this clip but I’m sure it’s made so many cum eaters for Goddess Canna.  It’s one of my biggest custom requests.1taboo


It’s funny to look back at these, some I barely remember!  Probably because everything is more elaborate when it’s your tenth or twentieth clip in one category.  That’s enough clips for this blog post.  My goal was to point out some hidden gems that a true Goddess Canna fan might want to add to their collection!  Mission accomplished.