Worship your new religion, the commandments of Goddess Canna

Many of you have purchased my clip “Worship your new Religion, Goddess Canna”  from my Kinkbomb  or Clips4Sale studio.  I’m glad to see how many worshipers of mine are interested in taking it to the next level.   After an overwhelming amount of emails after seeing the clip I’ve decided to post my commandments publicly so that anyone can see them and be potentially converted 🙂  BUY THIS CLIP if you don’t have it already!  Only $7.99 and it will change your pathetic life.

your religion

Commandments for serving Goddess Canna

1) Your Goddess’s happiness is the most important thing.  Making Her happy is your reason for being. When you wake up each day it is your purpose to make Her smile.

2) You will pray to your Goddess daily, pray to Her for what you need. If you are worthy she will grant it to you.

3) To own a personal item of your Goddess Canna is to own a piece of Her. To be able to touch Her, smell Her, taste Her is an amazing honor.

4) You will consult no other woman about important decisions, only your Goddess and never your wife.

5) Your Goddess does not give out Her divine energy for free. Tributing and spoiling Her is your way of paying back all that She has done to change your life.  Those that give the most to Goddess Canna get the most in return.

6) There is no better use for your money and possessions than spending them on your one true Goddess Canna. Your ultimate purpose is making Her happy not acquiring possessions for yourself.

7) The more you worship, the more you trust and believe in Goddess Canna the more power you give Her to control you. Submission, intoxication, being hypnotized by Goddess Canna is all the result of giving up your control to Her.

8) You will spread the word about your Goddess and recruit Her more followers and worshipers. I am insatiable and deserve to be on a pedestal, one day your Goddess will dominate the femdom world.  Her faithful ones were the ones that got Her there.

If you follow My commandments you will be changed. Soak up my love and superior energy and you might be a better person than the loser you are now.  Why? Because you have a purpose now! You have a list of rules to live by. Follow them and find enlightenment through Me. I will be offer in person sessions to lucky, faithful, and generous worshipers next year.

If you wish to convert and worship Me, I encourage you to email Me. We will be on this journey together.