Socks from perfect Goddess feet!

I have been selling a record amount of socks and panties lately.  I get asked a lot about what I have for sale, what styles etc.  Well if you see it in a video or in any of my pictures/gifs it’s probably for sale, just ask!  Otherwise my inventory changes a lot.  I purchase panties, socks, pantyhose, lingerie on a monthly basis.  I go through periods where I sell like crazy, and others where I just seem to collect them up…which is fine with me 🙂  I LOVE having an assortment for filming.

I took a bunch of pictures of some new and old socks for a few inquiring fans.  These are not all of the pairs I own, just a variety.  I mostly have ankle and knee high socks and in a variety of colors/patterns.  If you have a preference for type or color let me know.  If I don’t have that available I can add it to my wishlist for you to buy or just add extra to your purchase price.


I have a few pairs of these, worn & stained white gym socks


my favorite socks






I LOVE slipper socks! These are extremely worn






leggings on the left and knee high socks on the right


sorted pantyhose and stockings


slippers and toes


my current slippers


my retired slippers, torn up and very smelly!

For a basic pair of socks mailed to you in the USA I charge $30.  These socks are worn for 24 hours approx.  If you desire unworn socks, sweaty , extra smelly, dirty socks, etc.  I can also provide that.  For every 24 hours of extra wear you desire I charge $10.  If the socks you desire are expensive (american apparel thigh highs for example) extra will be charged as well.  So contact me for your final tribute amount.  I NEVER accept paypal.  Tributes are preferred through one of my clip stores.

Yes I do ship outside of the US but please contact me to get a shipping estimate first.  For shoes and slippers I charge extra for shipping as well so those prices vary.

Email me today to inquire on getting your own pair of Goddess socks!


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