Smoking in boots


My camcorder has a great picture taking feature, when it works.  If you’ve ever bought one of my clips you know I talk a lot.  So of course the snapshots my camera takes are always when I’m talking, playing with my hair, or my eyes are closed.  I was amazed today after filming to find I actually got a lot of good screenshots!

This is from a new clip I’ll be posting later in the week, title still undecided.  Includes female domination, leather fetish, boot worship, JOI, and smoking.  Camcorder pictures are never as good as the ones I take myself,  I’m a perfectionist!  Still I hope you enjoy these nice teaser pics.  Many of you are weak for my legs in jeans, my feet in boots, and a cigarette in my mouth.  Why not thank me?  You know lots of ways to do that, or you should!

DSC02432 DSC02433DSC02440DSC02434 DSC02438

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  1. Loserboy

    You look absolutely gorgeous in these snapshots. Maybe that’s a new idea – if your camcorder is capable of higher resolution photos, you could make photosets of you available just like clips.


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