Small penis encouragement

I am well know for my excellent small penis humiliation. So many little cock men love to have me laugh at them for being inadequate.   But I do sometimes explore the opposite fetish, small penis encouragement.  Instead of humiliation your size, I encourage it!  This type of clip is all about how cute your small size is to me.   When I do make this type of clip they are always best sellers!  Here’s my latest ” Your cute mini cock is swallowed by my big ass”

 You’re my ex-boyfriend and after getting high you sent me a picture of your shrinking cock. Aww, it’s so cute though…it’s an adorable mini now! Well my ass has gotten BIGGER and I take this video for you to prove it. Look at how it fills the frame of my camera. With your cute little cock I’m sure my big cheeks can swallow you up, and I prove it by using a small dildo. It’s actually bigger than you and I can still fit it in my cheeks, my big booty is swallowing up your mini cock! It’s cute though, you know that I always loved your small cock. Yes I’ve had bigger but yours always felt good, even though you were mini sized, and you’re even smaller now! I mean big cocks feel good but yours is adorable. Watch as I get high and tease you with a cute dildo in my big cheeks, don’t you wish you could squeeze in between my big cheeks? 



If you prefer my humiliation, don’t worry it’s my favorite too.  Haha.  SPH was one of the first fetishes I was exposed to when I started live webcamming, I wasn’t even into femdom and unaware of many fetishes.  One of my first private cam sessions was with a man who showed me his hard cock next to his phone and wanted me to laugh at it for how tiny it was.  3 years later and I’m a SPH Queen.   I have dozens of videos, countless customs, and hundreds of live webcam small penish humiliation sessions.  It has grown to be one of my favorite fetishes.  One day I will post a blog about my journey into femdom but thats for another post.

I definitely recommend this clip if you are curious about being teased about your size but in a playful way.  It’s already selling like crazy 🙂

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