Off to a great start!

January has been a great start to the year for your Goddess!  Only two weeks into the year and I was off for a work vacation 🙂  I still haven’t blogged about the AEE, it’s because I have so many scattered pictures and video clips, need to collect them all and do a massive post.  Recently I posted some of the videos I filmed in Vegas (before I got sick), check them out!

Vegas ass worship in shower video

Vegas ass worship in shower video


Dirty Vegas feet

Even though I already got sick this year and I haven’t put in a single minute on cam or phone my sales are record high this month!  Second highest payouts on KB and C4S, good job boys!  I also sold more customs than any other month, I was filming 2-3 a day, every fucking day.  You kept me so busy!  February is going to be even better.  I ordered a new lighting kit, a futon for filming and camming, and lot’s of decorations for my new office space.  All to motivate me to get my ass on live cam again, which I miss!  As much as I love making videos being on cam is where I started.  I like the live interaction, having a whole room of boys drooling for me, being able to count the cum loads swallowed for me…that I was able to see! haha

I have even more changes coming.  Being in Vegas really motivated me to work harder, put in more hours, and fucking dominate in sales.  So keep checking my studios and buy, buy, buy!!

Thank you to all my fans that sent me gifts this month too!  I’ll be doing a post soon of me modeling some of these gifts.  Keep up the good work 😉 Spoil your Goddess here


From ass bitch and Mark




So many socks, love these! Thanks R!

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