No more mediafire

I’ve been using mediafire to host my videos for over a year now but after some new upgrades I’ve decided to change sites.  If you have a custom video on mediafire, make sure that it is downloaded.  In fact, anytime you receive a custom video from me, make sure you download it!  Most importantly if you stream the video you will lose a lot of quality!  But also because I will begin deleting custom videos from the file host website approx 1-2 weeks after I send the link.  Make sure you download it to your computer so you can watch it over and over again.  Also you won’t have to bug me for the link again 😉  I’ll now be using dropbox which a lot of my fans have already said is easier and faster to use.  You can even make your own dropbox account so you can download it to your account versus your computer.  You know, incase you have a pesky wife….

What else is new?  Well I’ve been getting a ton of gifts!  Valentine’s was excellent, thank you boys for spoiling me right.  I will be taking pictures tonight so I can post them on my blog soon.

I’ve also welcomed a new slave into my pack, hopefully he keeps doing a good job of impressing me!  Have a great weekend addicts!  I will be available for cam, email me or find me on skype.DSC02030e

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