My newest gifts

Finally got around to rounding up some gifts, I always am running behind on these posts.  Shop my amazon wishlist HERE.  I also LOVE to receive e-gift cards to Amazon, Lush, Victorias secrets, Sephora, Forever 21, Macy’s and more.  Send all e-cards to

I got an amazing pair of footed pj’s from J. I love these and can’t wait to wear them this winter.  My boyfriend’s favorite part is definitely the exposed ass, mines a little too big for the buttons to close 😉  This is the same pair of pj’s featured in a foot/sock fetish CEI video “Eating cum off my footed pajamas”

Picture 613

Picture 624 Picture 601 Picture 608

Plus another batch of gifts from my intoxication junkie.  He ordered a custom clip and spoiled me while watching it the first time.  Want to play a drinking and poppers game with me?  You can play along and spoil me after too.  It’s a long and intense clip at 30 minutes and is sold in two parts in my studios “My legs make you weak drinking game” parts 1 and 2.

Cute glittery clutch purse, argan hair oil, reading material, adorable leopard shorts, and sexy black leggings.  Thank you addict 🙂
Picture 629 Picture 657 Picture 638Plus there are more gifts still that I am always picking up.  I appreciate all the spoiling boys, it lets me know you are thinking of me 🙂  The next batch of gifts I hope to receive are HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!  Kinkbomb is having a halloween contest and winners will receive $300 added to their paycheck.  I really want to win and have the hottest costume(s).  I want to make some hot clips and customs as well as live camming in them so I’m going to pick out multiple costumes.  Have any recommendations or requests for costumes?  Leave them in the comments or send me an email!


3 Replies to “My newest gifts”

  1. Mark

    I’ve always been partial to those Alice in Wonderland light blue costumes with the hot white knee socks or thigh high stockings. Or a little red riding hood outfit would accent your red hair really nicely. Any of those cute costumes would be amazing on you.

  2. Loserboy

    It’s a great idea to make some Halloween related clips.
    A great costume would be the comic character Dogwitch. If you don’t know her, use a google image search. You’ll see she makes a great Halloween costume 🙂
    You could also use white contact lenses on that costume. That would sure look creepy and sexy alike.

  3. Loserboy

    One more idea would be: Poison Ivy, the DC Comic villainess. You’ve got the red hair already, so all you need is some very red lipstick and a tight green outfit. You could use decorative fake ivy vines to wrap around your body as well.


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