My birthday!

Your Goddess is getting ready to celebrate her glorious day of birth 🙂 I’ll be turning 25 on April 22nd, Earth day.  Worship me on the most important day, my birthday!  I love to be spoiled all the time but especially on MY special day.  It’s less than two weeks away so you should start saving up to send me a nice big tribute.  I created an Amazon wishlist just for things I really want to get for my birthday, these are all top priority items.  You can find it HERE  Email me if you spoiled me so I can thank you  Here are some of the items I really desire.

Product Image

I don’t own a pair of bitching boots yet and LOVE these!  I’d even let you worship them on skype if you bought them for me.

Product ImageI’ve wanted a juicer for the longest time!  I’ve really had my eye on this one.

Product ImageThis red dress is gorgeous!  I’d love to shoot some pictures in this for my site.

And of course gift cards, I love to shop for myself.  Amazon, spa finder, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Urban Outfitters  send it to my email

I can’t wait to be spoiled rotten 🙂

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