Happy November addicts!  I hope you’ve enjoyed all the new clips I made over October.  Unfortunately getting sick really did mess up my schedule and I was not able to film or work for some time (since I do talk a lot in my clips and on cam!).  Happily though I am 100% better and excited for this month.

Why?  Because I’m moving finally!  I have been ready to move on to another location for a few months and have given my 30 days notice so I can not procrastinate any longer.  This will be the first time I will have an office / studio dedicated only to filming and work.  I have been daydreaming and planning what I will do with all the space for months!  A bigger desk with a new faster computer, studio lighting, bookshelves solely to display shoes, dedicated cam / film area, tons of storage for costumes and props…the list goes on an on.   More importantly I’m just looking forward to having a space that I love to be in and produce amazing content for my fans.

Picture 745

Until I move I have disabled my PO box since it expired anyway.  My wishlist is still up though!  You can send me a giftcard with your “shopping list” and I can purchase it myself.  Or just send me e-gift cards to spend on anything, I love to shop 🙂  I’ll let you boys know when my mailbox is active again.

My schedule may be off while I hunt for a new place, pack, move, clean, plus my internet service may be out for a bit.  I am still making custom videos and accepting cam shows though!  Check on my twitter for daily updates @cannamiss.   In the meantime keep buying those clips addicts $$$ 🙂

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