Moving up

I have had a really busy month in July, wow!  First I want to apologize for any delay in videos / emails over the last three days.  Unfortunately there have been numerous problems with my apartment and since I work from home it has been difficult to log in time on my computer and film.  Just yesterday the bathtub was resurfaced and workers were here ALL DAY.  I was worried about my three cats and stressed because the odor and chemicals coming off the tub were toxic for a few hours.  Instead of trying to sneak away and film while maintenance was here I just took it easy and counted those as my days off.  I do apologize again and today I’m back to filming some custom content, making humiliating fan signs, and answering emails of praise 🙂

Now July, wow!  I was so busy this month.  I produced more custom videos in July than any other, they are really getting to be quite in demand and I love shooting them.  I have tried many new things this month that you will see popping up in the studios.  July I had my highest clips4sale check to date and sold over 500 clips!!  Kinkbomb was even more amazing, after only 2 months I am now consistently on the top 25 studios and reached a high of #16.  On July 30th I got an email from Troy at kinkbomb saying that I achieved stellar studio status already.  Thank you so much to my loyal fans!!!  I will be posting many more older videos to KB this month so that I can get ALL of my older c4s content available on KB.  So excited, this month has truly been amazing.

Now one thing I did slack on, live camming.  Only twice in the last month did I have the time to make an appearance.  I am disappointed by this, I really do enjoy the spontaneity of live webcamming.  You never know if you’ll get an hour long SPH show or a $100 tip just because someone is amazed by my ass.  I will be getting on streamate  a few times a week I hope even if it’s only for an hour or two.  When I get a chance to get on cam I will also log onto skype and yahoo for a few hours, I also have phone options on niteflirt and kinkbomb.  So how can you get a LIVE show with me?  I will be posting on my twitter when I plan on camming to give you a heads up, I will also post when I am live.  If you have skype and yahoo add my usernames.  Be respectful when you message me and do not ask for a free show, a sample, and don’t waste my time.  Find my messenger names and more info here

So let’s keep the sales and customs rocking in August too!  Sadly I will not be attending Fetish Con this year.  It is only two weeks away and I didn’t get enough interest.  If you still want to meet me at an industry event, don’t worry.  I will absolutely be attending the AEE (Adult Entertainment Expo) again in January 2014 in Las Vegas.  I hope to attend FetishCon next year too.  For 2013 I don’t have any plans to travel for work but that is subject to change 🙂  I do visit Vegas several times a year and try to attend Foot Night parties when I’m in town.  If you are attending one and are desperate to worship my feet in person send me an email.

Now some pics for you to drool over.  Enjoy, let’s make August even better.




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