More gifts for Goddess

Spoiled Goddess again 🙂  These pictures are from a week or two ago, finally getting around to posting them now.  Not to mention I have more packages waiting.  Check out my spoil me tab for links to my wishlist and e-gift cards to send me.  Thanks so much boys for making me smile 🙂


So many packages, I needed help out!


New amazing 6.5 inch heels, bigger than your cock I’m sure!  I got these and a pair of tights and spandex shorts from a nice pet who watched my forced intoxication videos and did some shopping for me.


Balloon tank for videos.


IMG_20130725_165812_776New larger monitor and a new prop for videos from my loyal worshipper, plus more on the way!

Thanks again to those good boys, what Goddess doesn’t like to be spoiled?


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One Reply to “More gifts for Goddess”

  1. curious

    Hello GODDESS,

    YOU must be spoiled & pampered because YOU are making a reason for us to live & to worship YOUR beauty. Thank YOU GODDESS for giving us the honor to worship YOU, and we are happy to be loyal followers in YOUR church.

    Humbly under YOUR feet


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