Just making a general post for May, I was pretty busy this month!  I was trying to get on cam more frequently and I was off to a good start…until my property management company needed to stop by a few times to fix some problems ugh.  Can’t really get much filming or camming done when you have workers in the house!  I did manage to log in a few times on streamate, they have a whole new look so check it out (not that I’m super fond of it 😉 )   If you take a look around my website I also added a live stream of my cam.  If I’ve ever logged on at streamate you’ll be able to see me in free chat!  Its already distracted a few of my fans!

I also logged on skype a few times.  I think I would be happier to offer skype sessions if I didn’t always get time wasters on there!  It has tainted my perception, everyone on there is cheap and just there to chat.  If you are interested in a PAID show with me read my skype protocol.  I’ve also had MANY people try to pay with paypal or gift cards even though I say I don’t enjoy those methods.  I know you guys are concerned about what shows up on your statements and don’t want clips4sale or kinkbomb showing.  However if you’ve ever purchased from them before you know they come up with a different name on you bill 🙂  My main concern is getting paid!!  Many forms of payment my fans prefer are not good for me.  They do not allow adult transitions (ie adult cam show payments) or they are easily reversible.

I’m looking into more methods to accept to give more options.   I’m now accepting giftrocket as a payment option HOWEVER since this takes a few days to process you will not receive your cam show immediately.  It takes 2-4 days to clear the payment and get added to my account, only then can I be assured I’ll be paid for the show.  Sorry but I’m not stupid enough to do a show without money in my account, I’ve been doing this too long!  I’ll also be open to accepting giftrocket for tributes on custom clips, always contact me first before sending.


I got some lovely gifts and filmed some amazing, unique customs in May too! Keep them coming!   I’m starting to post two formats to my clips4sale studio since that’s what my customers requested.  I’ll be posting MP4 first and a few hours late a WMV of most clips.  If you need any help adapting to this just send me an email, there are lots of free converters and VLC media player will play both formats.

Let’s make June an epic month!

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