Have you been enjoying all my new clip updates?  I’ve been filming, editing, and uploading new clips daily to my kinkbomb and clips4sale studios.  Also I’ve gotten the chance to do some really creative custom videos lately, my schedule is all clear now so send me your custom request before I’m busy again goddesscanna@goddesscanna.com.

I feel like July is going to be a GREAT month for me.  Sales have never been higher in my stores, keep purchasing those videos boys!  My Niteflirt lines are up and I’ve been doing skypes….read all about getting cam sessions with me here.   Your Goddess is busting her ass to save up for a car.  Sadly my last one was wrecked by my ex and that was awhile ago.  I need to be behind the wheel again, being able to drive long distances to meet up and film with Dommes, attending late night fetish events in my area, and just because I deserve it!

I STILL want to go to FetishCon too pets!  I can’t get their on my own because every spare dollar I have is going towards my new car.  If you want to see me in person, get to possibly shoot with me, or see the videos I shoot with other Dommes (I have tentative shoots already if I attend!) you should tribute for me to go.  Here’s my blog post about Fetishcon and how you can tribute me to get there.

-Make sure you are following my twitter@cannamiss.  I post daily with pictures, tidbits about myself, what I’m up too, when I post new videos, and MORE.  Sign up and send me tweets to let me know your thinking about your Goddess

-Leave me FEEDBACK!  Comment on my blog, rate my videos on kinkbomb, leave comments on kinkbomb, rate my niteflirt line…anytime you can leave feedback and rate me 5 stars you should, it’s FREE!

-Obviously buy my clips, duh.  Clips are the cheapest option I offer.  Also schedule live webcam sessions, phone sessions, and custom videos with me…support me!

-Spoil me in anyway you can.  Even $5, send me a small gift, send me cash, send me fan mail.  My mailbox address is:

Miss C
1327 SE Tacoma #108
Portland OR, 97202

No creepy shit.  I do not pick up my packages myself stalkers.

-CONVERT your religion, worship Goddess Canna today.  My amazing new clip “Worship your new Religion, Goddess Canna” is selling amazing.  Look out for my next blog post about my commandments.  For now, listen to the instructions in my video.  Read my website like your bible, worship and pray to me on your knees.  Here’s a preview of the video, buy it here on clips4sale or kinkbomb

your religion

That’s all for now pets.  I’ll be on skype and yahoo later today for those that want to schedule a session.  Email now skype@goddesscanna.com


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