Halloween costumes round 1

Picture 703

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, I can’t wait!  I love dressing up and I got some really lovely new costumes, thank you!  I’ll be tweeting pictures for the rest of the month for Kinkbomb’s halloween costume contest.  Obviously I want the $300 and to win!  Here’s some of my new costumes, I still have more from last year that I will post soon.Picture 698Poison Ivy from JPicture 685Picture 684

Officers uniform from J
Picture 687Picture 694Sexy maid from M

Picture 711Picture 713Nurse from M

Thank you guys so much for spoiling me with these amazing costumes!  I’ve already filmed some clips in them and more will come.   If you have an idea leave it in the comments, these costumes are all available for custom videos too!  If you want to buy me a costume here is my wishlist, look at the notes for items marked “HALLOWEEN’.  Hope you enjoy the pics guys and all the videos I’ve been making lately.  Don’t forget to rate me 5 stars always.  Happy Halloween!


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  1. Loserboy

    Wow, those are awesome! You really like dressing up it seems!
    I can’t believe you even did the costume I suggested – that made my day 🙂 Along with the nice free photos of course.
    The nurse and the officer are amazing as well… and inspiring. Gotta think of a storyline for a new custom vid where you can use one of these outfits!


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