Good boys

You have been keeping me busy lately!   After the last few months of increased success with my fetish video stores I have been trying to keep it going, I have a strong desire to reach #1!  Well this week my loyal pets have helped me get on the top 25 studios on the kinkbomb homepage!  My studio reached 23 but has fallen a bit, soon we will be #1.  I am so excited, I have only been on kinkbomb for 2 months and this shows that I will only keep climbing the ranks.  My goal is to update my studios DAILY with new videos.  Some videos I offer in WMV and AVI format, others I have decided to only offer in WMV.

kb 25

I have been a spoiled Goddess this week too 🙂  Tons of gift cards, wishlist purchases, and tributes.   Keep it up!    Thanks to downfall who spoiled his Goddess the most this week.  Keep checking my studios daily and purchase videos, support your Goddess in her quest to reach #1.

amazon1 amazon3 amazon 2


2 Replies to “Good boys”

  1. curious

    i am delighted that YOU are happy GODDESS, and i hope you will be #1 soon. i will do ny best GODDESS so that YOU will reach your goal, and i will continue to worship & praise YOU GODDESS CANNA.
    The true GODDESS of the world should be worshipped & spoiled

    your humble follower

  2. J.A.

    Congratulations on your success, Goddess! When I bought your first clip, I thought it was the best clip that ever has and ever will have been made, but your videos just keep getting even better. It’s only a matter of time until you’re number one on kinkbomb.


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