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After publishing a video recently I have had an outstanding amount of feedback. I had no idea so many of my fans were interested in having orgasm control training! I will be happy to provide it to you but I can only help so many.

I’ve been taking a few days to create an orgasm control training course. A 30 day program that any addict can join, for a price. It will include weekly emails and tasks as I train your orgasms to my desires. I will offer multiple options for those that are interested in chastity, home wrecking, porn addicts, and ruined orgasms.

I want this to be more personalized so I will only take on a limited amount of subs at a time. Please read everything below if you are interested in my orgasm training course. Email me to inquire if I am accepting new applications. I will send email those that have caught my interest with the application, you may be place on a waiting list if I have too many in training at the time. When a spot opens up I will email the first in line, you can stay enrolled as long as you wish and continue to pay.

What types of orgasm control do I offer?

This will depend on the individual and what their problem is. I want this training course to be as personalized as possible. All of you are fucked up in your own unique way and I want to find out what that is. Is it a porn addiction, excessive masturbating, do you hate your wife, disgusted by themselves, etc.

Filling out the application will give me an idea of the training you require even you aren’t quite sure. I will never do anything outside your limits, so make sure to be honest.

Some examples of orgasm control I offer:
-Chastity / keyholding. Wearing a chastity device to contain your cock. For those that are brave enough they can mail me their key.
-Ruined orgasm training. Making your orgasms un-enjoyable. Making you edge and not giving you release, practicing ruined orgasm methods, punishment for having a real orgasm.
-Jerk off addiction. For those that masturbate multiple times day. Slowly being allowed less and less orgasms per week, made to delete your porn of your hard drive.
-Home wrecking. Denying yourself and your wife for me. Stroking only to me and trained to go limp for her.
-Discipline / CBT. You are only allowed to abuse yourself when you get an erection, no stroking or pleasure.
-Plus many more, these are only examples. Maybe you want to be trained gay. Maybe you just have a problem and want to cut back. Or you just are completely addicted to me and want ME to own your cock completely.

What will training include?

If you are ready to enter my 30 day orgasm training course you will email me to receive the application questionnaire, fill it out HONESTLY. If something does not apply to you, leave it blank. Be up front about what your current situation is like and where you would like to end up. I will schedule an instant message chat to discuss your personalize training. If I think you have what it takes payment will be required and your 30 days begins.

You will get weekly tasks relating to your orgasms or lack of. Designed to slowly get you closer to your goal. I’ll be honest, I cannot turn every addict into a chaste slave in a month but we will begin the process! You will get check in emails from me and have IM privileges to keep you going during your training. Some training packages include skype training, key holding, texting, custom videos, etc. Purchase what you need to get the most out of your training!

Training costs

For the 30 day program the basic fee is $100. This will include 1-2 emails per week that will include your personal weekly goals. You will also get the opportunity to check in with me  through IM on skype/yahoo. NO video, do not abuse this.

For $200 per month you will also receive two skype shows over the course of your 30 day training (10 minutes each), or two private 5 minute videos.

For $300 per month you will get weekly web cam sessions (10 minutes maximum) or private custom videos.

You can purchase additional skype time or videos, email to inquire on price. $50 extra for key holding, that includes me shipping it back. $100 extra to have my texting number for those times you can’t control yourself and need to be snapped out of it.

After your 30 days is over you will get an evaluation. Did you improve? Are you masturbating any less? Do you need another 30 days or 30 months of training? Maybe you realized that you are interested in different forms of orgasm control. If you are already one of my controlled addicts you can stay enrolled as long as you like and keep paying. If you leave you will be required to reapply and be put back on the waiting list. If you quit or stop communication at any time you will not receive a refund and you will displease me greatly. Those that quit or abandon will be required to prove their worth before being given a second chance.

If you have any questions email me today goddesscanna@goddesscanna.com. I already have quite a few lined up and waiting, let’s see if they are brave enough…

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