I LOVE getting feedback about my videos, cam shows, and custom content.   I spend a lot of time creating them and love hearing that it was worth the effort.  Also when you leave positive feedback on my blog or twitter (instead of in private email) it allows curious and new fans to see how much my custom products are enjoyed.  I encourage you to leave a comment below, rate my sessions on streamate, thumps up my videos on kinkbomb, comment on my blog, retweet my pictures on twitter, to create a larger and more profitable fan base for your Goddess 🙂


“Thank-you so much! The clip was beyond amazing I couldn’t believe it. You were so natural. Would you consider doing more like this?”  -M.C.

“Thank you Goddess that was amazing and you looked beautiful as always. I really appreciate the extra minutes, I wasn’t expecting that.”  -B.J.

“Thank you so much!  This is amazing!  I will surely want another one very soon :)” -R.V.

“Turned out perfectly! You’re very descriptive and I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your work. You were right, the ending was great and everything fit together well. Thanks again!”  -M.N.

“Hello Goddess Canna,  today the Video from your Sissy Video is up and i directly downloaded it :-)) Thank you very much that it includes big black cock and wow would i like to train sucking big black cock on your boyfriend and eat his cum from the condom….oooh it would be brilliant :-))

“AWESOME! Love the vid!  Thanks! ” -J.D.

“Where to begin! I LOVED my custom video – it was everything I had fantasised of and so much more! You are a dream come true, Goddess Canna.  Goddess, you have been a delight to work with from start to finish. I have several other fantasies for you and I am looking forward to getting in contact with you again soon!” – M.

“Great video! I loved it!  You are really amazing! I came harder than I have in ages. I’m serious concerned about getting addicted to it now. Thanks!” -R.C.

30 Replies to “Feedback”

  1. David

    A week ago I stumbled upon one of your c4s videos. Now all I do is buy your videos. Every night I think, which Canna Miss video will I buy? Will it be different than the one I bought this morning? Choosing my daily porn used to be such a daunting task, there is just so much of it on the internet. Now it is very easy, I just go to your site. What I am trying to say is thank you for being the most talented fantasy actress on c4s and for simplifying and enriching my life. Yours, -David

    • GoddessCanna Post author

      Thank you David, I’m always happy to have another person addicted to my videos. All you need is me 🙂

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  3. Martin

    After feeling somewhat underwhelmed by many other dommes, I made a concerted effort to seek out a new clipstore. I came across your “Best Friend Home Wrecker” clip. Although I do not necessarily have a home-wrecker fetish, I enjoy seeking out new videos under this category because it often gives me a chance to sample a domme’s ability to seduce men into submission. Although I thought the price was too high for me (I am still just a graduate student), I was impressed by the confident response you gave to the request (in the video description). After searching your library, I chose to purchase “Lacey Bra and Bulging Tits”. Wow… I was so impressed that I sought out the means to leave you some feedback. This was maybe the only time a clip has ever lived up to my expectations. Your voice and giggles were so sexy and confident and I absolutely loved how seductive you were. These are traits that I think are extremely undervalued in this community. And obviously you have the figure of a goddess…. Perfection.

    Now before this comment becomes too long, I’d just like to share a brief hypothetical example of what I think you did so well:
    GOOD – “Don’t my big, beautiful boobies make you wanna buy more clips? ;)…Or would you rather tribute me instead?”

    If this clip is any indication, I expect you will definitely become my new favourite Goddess and I will surely be visiting your clipstore again soon. And if you have managed to read this far, I certainly appreciate your patience with such an arduous response . Thank you so much!

  4. curious

    I was very lucky & blessed to find Goddess CANNA website while browsing through the net, and i became addticted to her from the first moment. I believe that Goddess CANNA religion clip infuenced me very much & i really want to be a follower of Goddess CANNA.. No one can resist Goddess beauty & power, and the only thing we can do is to worship her and follow her commandments.

    Goddess CANNA = Perfection & Power

  5. curious

    If you are looking for perfection, beauty, and divinity then you reached the right place (GODDESS CANNA WORLD).
    Goddess, i have seen several clips from your kinkbomb studio and they are all amazing & breathtaking, and i will keep watching your clips more & more. In fact, i liked specifically the panty modeling clip & religion clip, and i felt that i need to worship you & try to make you happy. I can’t resist your power & i am thinking to purchase one of your great panties to worship you since they touched your holy body.

    Goddess, you have the best kinkbomb studio & i wish you will be number 1 soon. I really recommend every reader to see the GODDESS CANNA new religion clip & i am sure it will change & influence you

    I wish you all the best Goddess & keep up the good work

    Goddess CANNA follower

  6. curious

    Everyday i become more addicted and devoted to GODDESS CANNA, the greatest GODDESS of the world, who is influencing me very much by HER amazing clips. In fact, in the “Loser” clip SHE made me feel very weak & humiliated, and i couldn’t resist HER beauty and hypnotic words, and i followed HER instructions immediately. GODDESS CANNA is making me discover my deep lowly side & expressing my “submissive” behaviour, although i am not sure if this is the best word to describe it. i am trying to discover this part of me and GODDESS CANNA is really helping me to explore this “dormant” side of my life, and i am really thankful for HER.

    i really encourage every one to go and watch GODDESS CANNA clip store on kinkbomb & clips4sale, explore the world of GODDESS CANNA. The more you purchase her clips the more you make HER happy, which is the mission of her followers and fans.

    GODDESS keep up the good happy & have a nice day 🙂

  7. curious

    Sorry GODDESS, i made a mistake in the last sentence.. it should be work instead of happy :).. this demonstrates that i am thinking about YOUR happiness i guess 🙂

  8. Ron Mexico

    Goddess Canna’s videos are amazing. She fulfills my deepest, darkest, most depraved fantasies. She is beautiful and sexy as hell. You won’t be disappointed.

  9. curious

    If you feel that you are lost in this world and if you feel you are useless & unrecognized, then you reached the place where you will have a meaning in your pathetic life. A place where you worship and praise the true GODDESS of the world, GODDESS CANNA, who will inspire you to become a worshipper of her beauty & power. Your life is not going to be the same anymore, you will live to make GODDESS CANNA happy & spoiled, and you live to worship HER as a supreme GODDESS who will teach you to be humble, lowly, submissive.

    i am proud to be a worshipper in HER church, and honored to be humiliated and recognized by GODDESS CANNA

    your humble follower

  10. D

    Words can simply not describe…although I guess I am hoping they will 🙂
    Beautiful, sensually devious, and the consummate professional. Worth every single penny and then some….


  11. Mark

    Fuck! Stumbling across your page was the last thing I needed today. I am really behind at work and I find myself touching my cock all afternoon looking at your photos and thinking about what your C4S videos are like. As soon as I get home I know I will have to buy at least three or four of them. I’m hooked by the home wrecker video, the mesmerized by your breasts one and a couple of others. You are so damn sexy!

  12. david

    Goddess you are so beautiful it’s overpowering. I am addicted to your clips, especially the religious themed. Thank you so much for allowing me to worship you.

  13. John

    Goddess Canna without a doubt deserves a copious amount of praise for her work. From her fan support to the professionalism in her custom videos, she stands out above the rest. Other clip stores have ridiculous prices for their video’s and/or a waiting list that reaches months into the future, but not Canna’s. Her prices are fair, given the amount of effort she’s puts into the videos (again something other clip stores lack), and she sticks to the deadline given. As a happy customer I can’t express more than enough gratitude towards her and I hope others continue to feel the same way. I wish her all the best.

  14. Ron Mexico

    I have gotten 5 customs from Canna and they are all amazing representations of my fantasies. She never judges, and she gets into the spirit of each scenario like she can read my mind. Amazingly beautiful, sexy, and one of the great sexy voices. I love everything about this woman. If you want to be happy, get clips from her.

  15. James

    loved both of the sweater fetish video’s would love to see more. and in reply to the last video. loved the turtleneck. and if u have any of the fuzzy sweaters that would be awesome

  16. wander686

    I ordered a custom from the Goddess Cana. It was a fetish clip. She did an amazing job. What really impressed me is the finished edited product she provided to me. She is as her name says a Goddess.

  17. Mark

    Without a doubt a custom video of Goddess Canna will get you even more addicted. This lovely woman knows what she is doing and I hope that she soon reaches number one on these sites such as clips4sale and kinkbomb. I’ve never dealt with someone who was so professional and yet so down to earth. She will blow your expectations out of the water. A custom video is an absolute must. I’m working up my idea for a sequel to my custom right now!


    An amazing custom clip, thank you. Goddess Canna is as friendly and professional off camera as she is filthy on it! Her clip exceeded all my expectations (and these were high anyway), I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! Will I be ordering more customs? *Absolutely!!

    *with mistresses permission, of course.

  19. Moe "denied boy"

    Goddess Canna, you made my DAY!
    I can’t thank you enough for the remarkable clips you have made. They blow my mind! every thing about them was perfect. you look as always hot and sexy. your voice drives me crazy and your cleavage is a magic tool thats turns me into a zombie for you. your mind and your thoughts are insanely seductive and irresistible. I couldn’t stop myself from following your orders.
    you pick up my idea and delivered it in your sexy unique way, and even better than i have imagined. I watched lot of cbt instruction clips, and requested few customs from others, but this is incredible it’s breathe taking. i can keep telling you how beautiful it was all the day.
    I think all subs most order customs from you.

    thank you again and again.

    very satisfied customer
    very happy slave

  20. John

    I have gotten 14 custom videos from Goddess Canna and love love love every single one. She is beyond sexy, totally committed, and actually gives you exactly what you want. She is my perfect fantasy, and I can’t wait until I get another kinky idea that she will turn into a perfect reality.

  21. Nameless

    Your customs4u account is broken. I tried to order a custom video but it wouldn’t let me because you do not have any resolution options (Standard vs Hi Def). I believe that if you correct this, you’ll get flooded with additional custom requests.

    I hope this helps!

  22. Simon Jones

    Every clip I’ve purchased from Goddess Canna’s store has been fantastic, but her customs really are something else!
    Both professional and accommodating behind the scenes and simply stunning on camera, my opinion is that she is the best in the business. If you wish to see your submissive fantasies brought vividly to life, then you really need look no further!
    Goddess Canna is the real deal, long may she reign!!

  23. Joe

    I recently purchased a custom from Goddess Canna and it was awesome. She puts 100 percent into making the best video for you. Very sexy body and voice. I will always be a fan.

  24. First Timer

    There’s a reason Goddess Canna is considered the best at what she does: she IS the best. It would be one thing if she was just stunningly beautiful. She’s also brilliant. She understands the psychology of femdom better than anyone. Her existing videos are amazing as it is, but when you get a custom video from her, you’re getting something that will press buttons you didn’t even know you had. After being a fan for a long time, I finally made the plunge and asked for a custom video of my own. What she did with it was mind-blowing. She’s also an absolute pleasure to deal with. Treat her with the respect she deserves and you’ll be rewarded tenfold. I’m an even bigger fan now than I was before and will definitely be back with another custom video request in the future.

  25. Sebastian

    A year ago I was browsing c4s and found Goddess Cannas store. I discovered some really interesting clips and obviously had to buy and watch some of them. Well, then I had to buy some more… and a few more, as the clips and Goddess Canna were so addictive.

    After a while ago I started to think that if her clips are so awesome, how awesome would the customs be then? Well, had only one way to find out. I sent an e-mail to Goddess Canna, describing my idea and wishes for a custom video. She replied back and asked some questions about my wishes and the clip overall.

    Well, got the clip and now I really know what all the others have been talking about. The clip is awesome! The attention to detail and the effort Goddess Canna puts into the videos are mind blowing! I just love the that!

    I think I’ve become addicted! 🙂


  26. Joshua

    Goddess Canna,

    I’ve been watching your clips for a while now, and I am still amazed at how you are able to constantly push my boundaries. It started with you convincing me to eat my own cum, and now I have tried all sorts of crazy things like chastity, CBT, and drinking my piss for you. More than anyone else, you seem to be sincere and genuine in your videos and I would do anything you asked me to do.

    Thanks for everything you do,



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