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Interested in your own custom fantasy from Goddess Canna?  Please read all the details about ordering a custom before sending an email.  A general FAQ for custom videos can be found here.

$50 minimum  for custom videos. 

Starting at $10 per minute for clip including one/two fetish requests, custom will be resold in My studios. Price increases for complex script, outfit changes, multiple fetishes, taking extensive preparation time. If you wish for any outfits or props that I do not have you will be required to purchase those for the clip.

Starting at $15 per minute for clip using your name throughout, custom will be resold in My studios. Price increases for complex script, outfit changes, multiple fetishes, taking extensive preparation time.

Starting at $30 + up per minute for private clips, these will never be resold. I keep a copy on My external hard drive, it will be deleted off My hosting site in one week. If you loose your exclusive custom I can resend you the download link for a $25 ‘thank you for your time’ gift card.


I enjoy:

Humiliation, domination, CEI cum eating instruction, JOI jerk off instruction, ass worship, forced bi, interracial domination, racial humiliation, burping, smoking from water pipes or vaporizers, booty shaking, spitting or tongue fetish, small penis humiliation, small penis encouragement, foot fetish, toe sucking, tease and denial, femdom, findom, sweater fetish, strap-on domination, sissy sluts and sissification… and many more. I love fetishes and trying new things.

DO NOT REQUEST: Content with another person(s), I only do solo clips at this time. Masturbation, I only do teasing but I will do nude clips. Anal, farting, squirting, fisting, scat, bestiality, stomping animals alive or dead, leather, fur OR anything where I’m submissive.

My general return on customs is 1-4 weeks. I work on customs in the order that I receive them, I keep a list and work on the first paid. This means when you receive your custom depends on how many are ahead of you. You are welcome to ask in your email the approximate time, but I work at My own pace. My clips are much better when natural than forced. Once you have paid for your clip do not email Me asking for updates or when it will be ready. I understand you are eager but this only distracts me and wastes My time. If I have an update with your clip, I will email you. Otherwise wait four weeks to ask about your clip. If you want a quicker turn around on your clip, specify in your email. A 48 hour return may be possible for a fee.

Send your request to my email If you send Me a generic email without My name or any hint it’s a mass copy and paste email I will delete it.

I accept payments for custom videos by tribute to My clips4sale studio.   Kinkbomb tribute is still an option but I charge more because of the payout differences.  NO PAYPAL.  Concealed cash mailed to My PO box is also an option.  Gift cards in rare circumstances. Do not send any payment unless I’ve approved your request.

I have never had an unsatisfied customer, I put everything I have into making My customs the best.  You will truly worship Me when you’ve seen Me act out your kinky fantasy to perfection.

Contact Me today with the details on your custom clip  Please keep your email as brief as possible, I do not require a long background story when getting an initial custom request video.  If I require more details or info on your request I will ask!  Things to include in your email when requesting a custom clip:

Length of clip requested.
Resale or exclusive clip?
MP4 or WMV format?
List anything else you want Me to know about your custom request. Outfit requests, dialogue or script, using your name, etc.


Unfortunately I now have to place this reminder in custom video emails. My custom videos are meant for the purchasers viewing and enjoyment only. The download link and the video file are not to be shared or uploaded and distributed for sale or free. My videos are DMCA protected and are my digital property regardless if you purchased it or it was a custom idea. Any questions email me.

6 Replies to “Custom Videos”

  1. Ben

    Hello Goddess,

    I loved your cuckolding introduction video, you looked so beautiful. I would love it if you could make a custom video for me.

    The basic idea:

    You’ve met an athletic black man at the gym or wherever, he could be your personal trainer or an athlete or something. You tell me that you fucked him, I get jealous but very aroused, and you tease/humiliate me but encourage me to jerk off and cum. I have an average sized white cock and average body. Feel free to improvise and say what you like.



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  3. Alan

    I like race humiliation too but I don’t see any asian sph hehe. Asians much like myself are always trying to look up white womens skirts. You should verbally abuse us as punishment. Possible ideas include your daddy is in the kkk or your white supremacist bf will kick my ass.


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