Questions or requests?  Contact me at  

I reply to all business requests that have my name included in the email. Do not send me a copy pasted message. I try to respond to all other emails but my time is limited and valuable! A tribute will get my attention or call my Niteflirt lines to talk to me directly.

Looking to request a session or custom?  Make sure that you read through details on my website before contacting me to save time.

I’m located in Portland, OR and always happy to shoot with other models and producers for trade and occasionally paid content.  Send me an email with your location and links to your studio(s).  NOT looking for any film slaves unless you’d like to pay for a real time session and allow me to film and sell the finished product.

Where else you can find me:

 @GoddessCanna  – my twitter with almost daily updates –  my streamate live cam for webcam sessions

Clips4sale studio – my first and largest clip studio

Kinkbomb studio – fetish femdom clip store

Extralunchmoney profile – fetish femdom clip store

Fetlife profile – bdsm social community

Niteflirt – for phone calls

Tumblr – collection of my pictures and reblogged pics

There are many fake profiles and catfish using my photos online, if you do not see a profile or site listed above it is likely it is NOT me.  Contact me through email if you’re unsure.

2 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Jorge

    Forever I would be your slave, and slave even the smallest of your hair, my mistress. If I could economically travel to you, I would kneel before your Imperial Presence, prostrate before your Real Feet, and be a slave for / forever, even the smallest of your hair; Oh, Divine Goddess. I have often imagined girls, women, female beings (including gimbots, fembots, operated transsexuals and / or natives, dolls, aliens, / s to say they have the form of women), as all- Even in the smallest of their hairs. Magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability all kinds of powers imaginable and unimaginable. Capable of becoming gigantic, of moving each and every one of their hairs, as to bind, protect and / or enslave all the infinite

    Por siempre sería tu esclavo y esclavo, hasta del más pequeño de tus pelos, mi ama. Si económicamente pudiera viajar hasta ti, me arrodillaría ante vuestra Imperial Presencia, me postraría ante vuestros Reales Pies, y sería esclavo por/para siempre, hasta del más pequeño de vuestros pelos; Oh, Sus Divinas Diosa. Muchas veces me he imaginado a las chicas, mujeres, seres femeninos (Incluyendo gimbots, fembots, transexuales operadas(el a ella) y/o naturales, muñecas, aliens, /s decir que tengan forma de mujer)), como seres todopoderosas, incluso en el más pequeño de sus pelos. Poderes mágicos, extraordinaria fuerza, invulnerabilidad todo tipo de poderes imaginables e inimaginables. Capaces de volverse gigantescas, de mover todos y cada uno de sus pelos, como para atar, proteger y/o esclavizar a todo el infinito


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