Happy Birthday Goddess!


Your cash looks better on my couch! Thanks to my #1 bitch – for now

I had a lovely birthday last month (April 22nd for those that forgot) and have been meaning to post some of the gifts & tributes that I received.  I get a lot of gifts, usually they come in waves.  Nothing for a week a week or two and then next thing I know my UPS is yelling at me to stop by and I walk out with my arms full every few days.  Some of these might not have been meant as bday gifts, maybe just a random wishlist purchase to make me smile, but they all arrived close enough 😉  I want to thank those of you that did spoil me in whatever way you could.  This post doesn’t include all the smaller tributes and big clip orders I got, too many of those to screenshot.  A lot of gifts that come from Amazon have no name or note attached so if I didn’t thank you it’s only because I had no idea who sent it.


Well you can’t see much of this “dress”


Thanks sissy in training

bday gift

Thanks loserboy

bday trib

Better late than never 😉 Thanks J


Thank you! My favorite author

Thank you! My favorite author

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?


One of my favorites, thanks sissy in training!


Another dress you can't see much of...

Another dress you can’t see much of…


Corset from silly slave

Birthday dinner selfie

Birthday dinner selfie, pretty casual when I’m not in corsets&fishnets

Happy Birthday to ME 🙂  Did YOU forget?  Make it up to me with a tribute or a wishlist binge.  I also LOVE gift cards sent to goddesscanna@yahoo.com or cash to my PO box (address under tribute/spoil me tab).  Please don’t ever send flowers or perishable items to my PO box, I only go every few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures in this post…what am I saying, of course you did.

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween 🙂   I used to love dressing up for the holiday but I basically get to do that anytime I want now!  I also love horror movies and all things spooky so I didn’t do much out of the ordinary.

Here’s some photos I snapped in one of my costumes.  My closet is full of costumes but this is a new one I just picked up!  I put together a little story with them, let’s call it the Hungry Giantess


Noticing you…


Distracting you


Crushing you!


Just a tiny, puny man


Hmm maybe you’d make a nice snack


Any last words?


Tiny males make great Goddess fuel


Can’t stop at just one nom nom nom

The End 🙂

sick week

Picture 144

Not looking too bad for just being sick….

Well I guess I didn’t avoid getting sick after all!  Literally the day after posting the last blog entry I got sick.  I was stuck in bed or the couch for days and it feels so good to have finally kicked this cold.  Speaking and swallowing was so painful because my wisdom teeth are taking their precious time coming in & the combination was excruciating. I slept most of it off with NyQuil and the rest of my day was spent watching bad TV.  Now it’s back to work finally!!

I’m still not available for customs at this time. Getting sick for 5 days means I haven’t worked out my cam schedule yet.  When my cam schedule is a little more finalized I’ll be able to realistically see how many custom orders I can handle per week. Just a little longer to wait  my eager custom addicts 😉  I’ll be on cam for the next 5 days making up for missed time.

I don’t have set times yet but the times I’m aiming for are  2-4 PST  & 8-10 PST give or take an hour.  These have been the best times for me so far.  If you have an account on streamate you can favorite me and be notified when I log in.  Or if you follow me on twitter I post a link to my chat room when I sign on.

Enjoy these pictures I just took with my webcam.  Not looking too bad considering I haven’t felt human in days.  I love when my hair is freshly dyed and vibrant.  If you enjoy seeing me blog more often make sure to comment and let me know!

Picture 149Picture 147

Hidden message ;)

Hidden message 😉

What’s new with Goddess

Picture 141e

It’s almost the end of February, I can’t believe it!  I’ve been keeping myself busy of course with work and other “real life” things.  I don’t really talk about myself outside of work much, but lots of fans have been asking me questions.   Guess that’s what my blog is for!  So for some real life Goddess tidbits…

January was the third anniversary of my boyfriend and I.  Well actually the anniversary of our first date.  We met in Vegas during the AEE and he took me to my very first steak dinner 🙂  I eat a mostly plant based diet and he’s been the downfall of my healthy eating every since haha.  We went to the nicest (and most expensive) steak house in Portland and it was divine.  I stuffed myself because after that I went on a week long cleanse.  I’ve been having some minor health issues and lack of energy lately.  No wheat, grains, gluten, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, coffee, it was pretty much hell!  However it did feel great and was a nice reset.  Typing that as I have a vodka and diet coke 😉

February has kept me busy with gardening and cooking!  I’m quite the domestic Goddess and cooking is my favorite thing in this world.  On my cleanse I missed making elaborate recipes and using new cookbooks.   Also definitely missed eating it all!  Then my poor man got sick and has been for the last week.  Really it’s interfered with my sleep and filming since he’s coughing nonstop.  But he’s on the mend and luckily I didn’t get sick!

Picture 111

Now for some news regarding the Empire of Goddess Canna.  January my clip studios were updated almost daily, I spent a lot of time putting out lot’s of new videos for you addicts!  I’ve also been getting custom clip orders like crazy.  So much so that I have to take a short break from them.  My time filming customs has just started dominating my schedule.  I need to rearrange my schedule so I can film for my studio, film customs, have time to edit and post, answering emails, AND cam.  I’ve really been neglecting web cam.  Customs are a great source of income for me but the hourly rate I make after all it’s all finished isn’t close to what I make on cam.

Last night I got on for the second time this year.  I had so much fun!  Having life interaction, watching men eat their cum for me, getting instant responses….I missed it.  I will be making it a larger priority.  I’ve set up a LOOSE schedule for myself and as I cam more I’ll try to narrow done when the best hours are for me.   Want to see me live on cam?  Here’s the link to my cam room, if I’m not in a session you can view my cam live.

Picture 97

When I have a more firm schedule I’ll post it here and twitter.  I hope some of you drop by, even just to say hi.  Though you’ll probably end up staying and spending 😉

Until further notice NO more custom video requests will be accepted.  I will announce when I’m available again.

Oh and enjoy the pictures of some of my newest gifts!

Changes coming to custom videos

Be0ADGhCQAA765JThat’s right addicts.  I’ve been tweeting and mentioning that I’m going to be changing how I do customs, prices, improving my equipment…etc.  The time has come!  I’m too high in demand and don’t have enough time to be filming all the requests I’ve been getting.  Unfortunately I have to start being pickier and charging more.  And if you can’t afford the price of a custom priceless video from  me?  Well that’s what my clip stores are for!  Filled with videos at only a little over $1 per minute, and lots of other kinky customs resold for cheap. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a member site as well.  I would have to get enough subscriptions to make it worth my while though.  But that would take months to work on, so don’t expect it any time soon.

So what are the current changes?  

As of right now my rates have not changed.  I will be pricing videos on a case by case basis though, no more flat per minute cost.  The more complex your request, outfit changes, camera angle changes, script and dialogue to memorize etc the more I will charge.  Every custom must be approved by me before payment is sent.  Email me your request and at my earliest convenience I will reply with my approval (or denial) and the price.  Starting at $5 per minute for resale, $10 for private clips.

Full payment will now be required up front.  My preferences in order:  clips4sale tribute, kinkbomb tribute, niteflirt tribute.  On rare cases I will accept mailed cash or gift cards.

Upgraded equipment for a high quality product!  This I’m very excited about 🙂  I already have been using my new lights and love the difference they make!


old lights


new lights, still adjusting but a big improvement

Next is new computer, DSLR camera, HD camcorder, and always more more more!  I can always think of new improvements to be made and love seeing my products become higher quality.  I got a great idea from another studio owner and thought I would let some of you boys offer if you were interested.  RARELY do I offer incentives to purchase items, I mean the item is incentive enough!  But since I’m investing thousands into this new equipment it seems an appropriate time.  Email me if you are interested in paying a large sum up front to help me upgrade.  You’ll be rewarded with custom videos, cam time, panties, etc equal to the value you “invested” and then some!  Minimum of $250, which would be equal to  50 minutes in custom videos (at my current price!) and I’ll add an extra 10%.  This would not have to be redeemed in one video, use it at your leisure.  If my price per minute changes it will not affect the minutes you’ve paid for.  This is a great incentive for my fans that order big.   I will be placing a limit on how many can take advantage of this, so email me if you want to know more!

Enjoy all the new clips addicts! I’ll be getting back on live cam soon, more on that another day…

Halloween costumes round 1

Picture 703

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, I can’t wait!  I love dressing up and I got some really lovely new costumes, thank you!  I’ll be tweeting pictures for the rest of the month for Kinkbomb’s halloween costume contest.  Obviously I want the $300 and to win!  Here’s some of my new costumes, I still have more from last year that I will post soon.Picture 698Poison Ivy from JPicture 685Picture 684

Officers uniform from J
Picture 687Picture 694Sexy maid from M

Picture 711Picture 713Nurse from M

Thank you guys so much for spoiling me with these amazing costumes!  I’ve already filmed some clips in them and more will come.   If you have an idea leave it in the comments, these costumes are all available for custom videos too!  If you want to buy me a costume here is my wishlist, look at the notes for items marked “HALLOWEEN’.  Hope you enjoy the pics guys and all the videos I’ve been making lately.  Don’t forget to rate me 5 stars always.  Happy Halloween!



screenshot from new red booty shorts video

Hello my addicts!  It has been a long time since I’ve blogged.  I have been busy filming, editing, the usual.   I have been spoiled with a lot of lovely gifts recently, thank you!  I will have to collect them all up and take some pictures.

Some announcements for this week.  I have tentative hours for when you can find me on streamate this week.  I will also be signed on skype & yahoo earlier on the days I am camming.  Please sign up through my referral link to earn me double the percentage!  You can also sign up to receive email alerts for when I’m available, or view my twitter where I post within minutes of logging on.

 TUESDAY 9/10 …. 6 pm-8pm PST

THURSDAY 9/12 ….  6pm- 8pm PST

FRIDAY 9/14   …. 4pm- 8pm PST

My custom video film list is BLANK right now!  That’s right I finished all my custom videos and just shot 7 new clips for my studio.  I am open and available for all your fantasy fetish and femdom clips.  They are just waiting to be made and have you further addicted to me.  Email me to have me read your request.  Read more here.

I have lots of other things available for my addicts!  Pantyhose, socks, worn panties, shoes and slippers…I just cleaned out my closet and have lots of goodies you can buy and do dirty things with.  You can purchase a custom clip using your item, CEI, JOI, ass worship, foot fetish…so many possibilities.   🙂

Remember keep buying my clips, rating my videos, tributing, and spoiling.  Make your Goddess #1 🙂

Busy Goddess, timewasting “slaves”

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  I have been so busy lately, just how I like it 🙂  I have been turning out custom after custom, doing live webcam shows, and having boys make a fool out of themselves trying to impress Me.  Haha I love every second of it!

I have also been getting a lot of “slave application” requests.  A lot of FAKE requests.  If you have no intention of doing whatever it takes to make Me happy then you do not have what it takes to be My slave.  If you email Me and expect to worship Me for free you are disrespecting Me and My time.  I work hard and put in hours filming, entertaining you losers, writing blogs and responding to emails…if you want to take that precious time from Me you will pay Me what My time is worth.  If you cannot afford that then worship Me through My blog and videos, do not beg for special attention.

YES I am looking for slaves, but most don’t have what it takes.  Respect, honesty, devotion, putting Me and My happiness #1.  You may serve Me through emails, texts, webcam, phone, and eventually real life if you are lucky.  When you ask to be My slave, tell me how you intend to serve Me, how much you are willing to tribute Me and I will tell you how much of My time you deserve.  If you treat Me like the Goddess I am you will gain My precious attention.  A tribute or gift shows that you are sincere and not a time waster.  Maybe I am picky, but I’m worth it.  You can’t expect to serve Me and not have to prove yourself.

Here are some pictures you lucky fucks.  Modeling some recent gifts I’ve received, thank you boys!

Keep clicking and buying videos boys.  email me for a custom or live show goddesscanna@goddesscanna.com

Picture 560

Perfect Goddess ass, thank you J for the shorts!
Picture 585

New book from downfall
Picture 590

New shirt purchased with gift cards, My “banana’s” bigger 😉

Picture 583Clean these boots up, stop drooling over my legs and ass!

Schedule your cam session for this weekend!

Picture 556
If you are a fan and love my videos listen up!  I will be available for live webcamming through the whole weekend.   Make your fantasy come true on LIVE cam.  You can see me live, have an interactive show, and I can watch your cam too.   If you want to see the quality of my cam you can find me in free chat on Streamate.com or watch the special cam teaser I included in this blog post, you lucky perverts 🙂  I cam with an HD logitech c920 and have an excellent internet connection.   I love wearing different outfits and shoes in my shows, let me know what you like so I can be prepared.

So how do you get a show with me?  When am I available?  You can find me on streamate when I am in live free chat.  Grab me at any time for a show when I am logged in.   I usually log in between 6-9 pm PST but if you want to schedule a show outside that timeframe send me an email skype@goddesscanna.com  

I will also be logged onto skype or yahoo when I am available for a show.  Add my name, send a polite request, and be prepared to pay for my time.  Sessions are $5 per minute minimum of 5 minutes.  Discount for shows over 15 minutes, only $4 per minute.  I accept payment via tribute on clips4sale, kinkbomb or niteflirt.  To set up a show in advance email me  skype@goddesscanna.com  You can also book phone appointments via email.  You can book a show between the hours of 2PM and 11 PM PST, but I may be flexible with a nice bribe.

My yahoo ID is   goddess.cannamiss

My skype ID is   goddess.canna

Enjoy this sneak peek view of my webcam.  Email for your own session today or catch me on streamate.

Picture 557Picture 552Picture 559

Gifts galore

I picked up a ton of gifts this week, great job boys.  Way to make your Goddess feel spoiled 🙂  Here’s some pictures, thanks to those that treated me.  If you want to spoil me and buy me nice things check out my tribute page where I have my amazon wish lists and gift card links

Tons of packages!


A scarf from Woody.

From J:  An adorable sailor dress and light blue nightie.  Can’t wait to wear these in new clips.

A new blue under-bust corset, purchased with a gift card from A.

From M:  A black beach cover up, a Goddess head chain, and a juicer off my top priority wish list!  Can’t wait to break in the juicer.

A kick ass pair of boots purchased with a gift card.






Great job spoiling me, keep up the good work 🙂