Changes coming to custom videos

Be0ADGhCQAA765JThat’s right addicts.  I’ve been tweeting and mentioning that I’m going to be changing how I do customs, prices, improving my equipment…etc.  The time has come!  I’m too high in demand and don’t have enough time to be filming all the requests I’ve been getting.  Unfortunately I have to start being pickier and charging more.  And if you can’t afford the price of a custom priceless video from  me?  Well that’s what my clip stores are for!  Filled with videos at only a little over $1 per minute, and lots of other kinky customs resold for cheap. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a member site as well.  I would have to get enough subscriptions to make it worth my while though.  But that would take months to work on, so don’t expect it any time soon.

So what are the current changes?  

As of right now my rates have not changed.  I will be pricing videos on a case by case basis though, no more flat per minute cost.  The more complex your request, outfit changes, camera angle changes, script and dialogue to memorize etc the more I will charge.  Every custom must be approved by me before payment is sent.  Email me your request and at my earliest convenience I will reply with my approval (or denial) and the price.  Starting at $5 per minute for resale, $10 for private clips.

Full payment will now be required up front.  My preferences in order:  clips4sale tribute, kinkbomb tribute, niteflirt tribute.  On rare cases I will accept mailed cash or gift cards.

Upgraded equipment for a high quality product!  This I’m very excited about 🙂  I already have been using my new lights and love the difference they make!


old lights


new lights, still adjusting but a big improvement

Next is new computer, DSLR camera, HD camcorder, and always more more more!  I can always think of new improvements to be made and love seeing my products become higher quality.  I got a great idea from another studio owner and thought I would let some of you boys offer if you were interested.  RARELY do I offer incentives to purchase items, I mean the item is incentive enough!  But since I’m investing thousands into this new equipment it seems an appropriate time.  Email me if you are interested in paying a large sum up front to help me upgrade.  You’ll be rewarded with custom videos, cam time, panties, etc equal to the value you “invested” and then some!  Minimum of $250, which would be equal to  50 minutes in custom videos (at my current price!) and I’ll add an extra 10%.  This would not have to be redeemed in one video, use it at your leisure.  If my price per minute changes it will not affect the minutes you’ve paid for.  This is a great incentive for my fans that order big.   I will be placing a limit on how many can take advantage of this, so email me if you want to know more!

Enjoy all the new clips addicts! I’ll be getting back on live cam soon, more on that another day…