Busy Goddess, timewasting “slaves”

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  I have been so busy lately, just how I like it 🙂  I have been turning out custom after custom, doing live webcam shows, and having boys make a fool out of themselves trying to impress Me.  Haha I love every second of it!

I have also been getting a lot of “slave application” requests.  A lot of FAKE requests.  If you have no intention of doing whatever it takes to make Me happy then you do not have what it takes to be My slave.  If you email Me and expect to worship Me for free you are disrespecting Me and My time.  I work hard and put in hours filming, entertaining you losers, writing blogs and responding to emails…if you want to take that precious time from Me you will pay Me what My time is worth.  If you cannot afford that then worship Me through My blog and videos, do not beg for special attention.

YES I am looking for slaves, but most don’t have what it takes.  Respect, honesty, devotion, putting Me and My happiness #1.  You may serve Me through emails, texts, webcam, phone, and eventually real life if you are lucky.  When you ask to be My slave, tell me how you intend to serve Me, how much you are willing to tribute Me and I will tell you how much of My time you deserve.  If you treat Me like the Goddess I am you will gain My precious attention.  A tribute or gift shows that you are sincere and not a time waster.  Maybe I am picky, but I’m worth it.  You can’t expect to serve Me and not have to prove yourself.

Here are some pictures you lucky fucks.  Modeling some recent gifts I’ve received, thank you boys!

Keep clicking and buying videos boys.  email me for a custom or live show goddesscanna@goddesscanna.com

Picture 560

Perfect Goddess ass, thank you J for the shorts!
Picture 585

New book from downfall
Picture 590

New shirt purchased with gift cards, My “banana’s” bigger 😉

Picture 583Clean these boots up, stop drooling over my legs and ass!

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