Back from Vegas!

ass cash

My ass on 4K

Well I survived!  I had a great time in Vegas, even though I was sick for most of the trip.  Yes it sucked and I had to cancel a lot of filming unfortunately.  But I also had a great time at some awesome Kinkbomb parties, met a lot of HOT Dommes, and had a nice time celebrating two years with my man.  I’ve mostly recovered on sleep and I’ll be back to filming your kinky custom fantasies in the morning.

More pictures to come!

With @MinaThorne , @cearalynch , @WorshipRene , & @DiabolicalDomme at a Kinkbomb party!


2 Replies to “Back from Vegas!”

  1. Goddess Canna's virgin pet

    Glad you had a great time Goddess, from all of the pics posted, it looked like a blast. Sucks you were sick for the duration of the trip, but at least you are feeling better now and did get to go to what sounds like a few great events. That is one awesome picture on the post with some very beautiful women, but you, Goddess Canna, are definitely the most beautiful. And the picture of you sitting on the cash, the same on your twitter, I love it. It truly shows who runs the show!

  2. curious

    Hello GODDESS,

    i am very happy to hear that YOU had a good time in Vega, and as usual YOU are the most beautiful GODDESS in the world.

    YOU are more popular now & YOUR empire is growing so fast and YOUR worshippers are increasing everyday.

    Wish YOU all the best GODDESS


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