Back from the east!


I just got back from a week on the east coast, so glad to be back!   I’ll be catching up on all the emails I missed while I was away and getting back into filming customs.  I missed having a bunch of addicts to tease and humiliate 🙂  Look forward to more regular video posts, live webcamming, and email replies (I always get sooo many emails!).

In other important news, my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, time to start saving!  April 22nd, how appropriate that Earth day is the birth date of a beautiful Goddess.   Gift cards, tributes, gifts, and cash are all excellent presents.   If you want to mail me a card, cash, or gift cards my PO box is:

Miss C
6715 NE 63rd st
Suite 103 #289
Vancouver, WA 98661

….And nothing used or gross you perverts!


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  1. Loserboy

    Great to see you’re back in business, Goddess! Been checking your website everyday for updates, but fortunately, there’s your twitter account to keep your addicts up to date as well. 😉 So looking forward to my custom video…
    And of course your real fans won’t forget about your birthday! 🙂


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