Happy Birthday Goddess!


Your cash looks better on my couch! Thanks to my #1 bitch – for now

I had a lovely birthday last month (April 22nd for those that forgot) and have been meaning to post some of the gifts & tributes that I received.  I get a lot of gifts, usually they come in waves.  Nothing for a week a week or two and then next thing I know my UPS is yelling at me to stop by and I walk out with my arms full every few days.  Some of these might not have been meant as bday gifts, maybe just a random wishlist purchase to make me smile, but they all arrived close enough 😉  I want to thank those of you that did spoil me in whatever way you could.  This post doesn’t include all the smaller tributes and big clip orders I got, too many of those to screenshot.  A lot of gifts that come from Amazon have no name or note attached so if I didn’t thank you it’s only because I had no idea who sent it.


Well you can’t see much of this “dress”


Thanks sissy in training

bday gift

Thanks loserboy

bday trib

Better late than never 😉 Thanks J


Thank you! My favorite author

Thank you! My favorite author

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?


One of my favorites, thanks sissy in training!


Another dress you can't see much of...

Another dress you can’t see much of…


Corset from silly slave

Birthday dinner selfie

Birthday dinner selfie, pretty casual when I’m not in corsets&fishnets

Happy Birthday to ME 🙂  Did YOU forget?  Make it up to me with a tribute or a wishlist binge.  I also LOVE gift cards sent to goddesscanna@yahoo.com or cash to my PO box (address under tribute/spoil me tab).  Please don’t ever send flowers or perishable items to my PO box, I only go every few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures in this post…what am I saying, of course you did.

General updates

Hey jerk slaves!  I want to thank all of you for making my birthday last month so lovely.  Each year you impress me more and more 🙂  I got so many gifts and tributes, I came on here to post pictures but wordpress apparently doesn’t want that tonight.  So I’ll post some old ones to keep this interesting….


Instead I’ll make a general update since my schedule will be changing over the summer.  I plan to take at least a month off from the camera this summer.  That means NO custom clips and probably no cam sessions unless I feel like logging in.  I want to get in all custom requests before June 1st in my inbox goddesscanna@yahoo.com.  If you come up with a custom idea in July…you can email it to me but I won’t be filming and I might not reply until I’m ready to film again.  I’ll still be posting content to my studios, checking twitter, and responding to emails from my loyal fans just not as often.  I’m looking forward to some time off to refresh my creativity and enjoy life.


In August I’ll be traveling back to Florida for FetishCon!  You can view my blog post with pictures from last year, my first time attending.  I’m so excited to attend again!  Are you thinking about going?  Please note before asking I do NOT offer real time sessions.  However…if you’d like to meet me at the convention, hand me cash, buy me a drink, kiss my boots, purchase my new corset, take pictures with me, hand me your chastity key, or have a chat with a beautiful Goddess you’ll see me there 🙂  I’m open to the idea of certain sessions and requests for my loyal slaves and fans only.  Do not email me asking to eat my ass if you haven’t even purchased a video for fucks sake.

So make sure you email me your custom requests soon!  As far as cam sessions take advantage of when I’m logged in and message me.  As always for my most current schedule and updates refer to my twitter.  If I do log on skype or have a day open to shoot videos spontaneously during my break I’ll post it there.  As always thanks to my true fans, addicts, and slaves for supporting my work and purchasing it from my studios.  Everything I work on and produce is 100% my creation and effort (besides custom scripts of course).  I answer all emails, edit every video, type every description…it’s all me.  Please support the models and producers that make your fantasies come true so they can continue to do so (and feel it’s worth the effort!).  DSC02030eMy clips4sale studio  +  My Iwantclips studio  +  My kinkbomb studio

Get my Skype ID FREE this weekend

I hope all of you are having a great start to your year,  mine has been fantastic so far!  I’m feeling very generous this week lucky for you.  This weekend I’ll be giving out my Skype ID for free (normally $20 tribute).  Anyone can add me and I’ll be accepting all requests.  The only catch is you must purchase a session in the next 2 months or you’ll be removed.  My Skype is for taking cam sessions and some light chatting however if you’re not willing to pay for my time I’ll have to tidy up my friends list and remove the dead weight.

For those that have already purchased my ID I’m giving a $20 discount on your next 10 minute session (one time only).  Must use in the next two months.

For Valentine’s weekend I’ll be available for extended hours on cam.  I know many of you are in different time zones from me and never get a chance to catch me on live cam.  My approximate schedule for Skype this weekend (all in PST):

Saturday 2/13  12 pm – 12am

Sunday  2/14   10am  -10 pm

If you prefer to do sessions with my on streamate  please check my twitter as I’ll post when I’m logging on.

Now some quick updates on Skype sessions in general because I’ve gotten a lot of questions:

-NO you do not need to have a cam!  You will still see me and hear me but you’ll have to type interact with me.  Less than half my sessions have their cam on.

-Payment is required before I turn my cam on.  If you don’t want to pay upfront then I recommend finding me on streamate where it’s pay per minute.

-I will ALWAYS call first, no exceptions.

-I reply as quick as I can to messages but I may be on another call, taking a break, working on something else.  So please don’t expect an immediate response.

-To request a session message me on skype OR send an email.  I do check my email more often so include skype in your subject.

-You must give me an idea of what you want before I call. I hate guessing games.  You want to jerk off to me?  OK!  You want to worship my legs in pantyhose but you ONLY like nude hose?  Just spit it out,  I’m not a mind reader.  You’re welcome to request a certain outfit or send me a short script.  Most sessions I have very little time to prepare though so nothing elaborate (save it for custom videos)

Any other questions just let me know.  Look forward to seeing you…or you seeing me.  My rates are $5 minute for sessions and I prefer tributes to C4S or IWC.  My skype ID is (removed).  Make sure to add me this weekend because once Monday comes you’ll have to purchase it!  Once you purchase my ID you’ll never be removed regardless if you purchase sessions or not (just don’t annoy me).  But I don’t think you’ll be able to resist 😉

NEW skype account

Finally what some of you addicts have been begging for.  A NEW skype account to take cam sessions and I actually have the time to take them 😉

My last account was overrun with beggars and those that had no intention of every paying for a session.  My ID was free and posted on my website as well as my fetlife account, twitter, probably other social media.  I thought it made sense for it to be free, more people would contact me and purchase shows right? WRONG.  Every time I logged on I was bombarded with new requests, asking for sessions I didn’t offer, haggling on my prices, asking to be my real live in slave….yeah OK random stranger.  I didn’t even want to log in anymore and have to sift through all the bullshit to find a genuine request.  Things got busy and in the last few months I rarely had time for cam sessions.  Now I’m ready to begin again and have started a new skype ID to start from scratch.  For the first time in awhile I’m actually excited to log in and fuck you boys up.

My new ID can only be acquired by purchase.  By making the initial purchase of my ID it shows you’re willing to actually pay for sessions in the future (which will be much more than my ID).  If you can’t afford my ID  you can’t afford to session with me.  Purchase my ID by sending me a $20 tribute or amazon gift card.  Gift cards can NOT be used to pay for sessions (unless I need them which is rare).  Include your email address in your tribute or send me an email with your clip purchase #.  I’ll send you my skype ID so you can add me.  Or include your skype ID and I’ll add you to my contacts.

So how do you request a session,  what do I offer, when is my availability?  Keep reading pet!smoke tongue

Since I expect less nonsense I will be logged into skype most days when I’m working in the background.  This varies slightly but normally the hours of 12pm-8pm PST.  I may be filming, editing, chatting with another slave so don’t expect an immediate response.  You will only have my undivided attention when we are in a paid session.  If you see that I’m logged in, read my status which I’ll try to keep updated.   Send me a message and get to the point, save the compliments and groveling for the session.  Let me know what type of session you’re interested in and length of session requested.  DO NOT message me if you can’t pay immediately when I reply.  If you get paid next week, message me next week.  I’ll reply at my earliest convenience.  If you have a time limit, say you have to leave in 2 hours, I’ll try to prioritize your session so put details like that in your message.

Send all session requests through skype message or to my email.    I don’t chit chat for free, though I will answer a politely worded question about a custom video or session.  If you intend to chat for more than a few minutes a tribute will be required for my time.  Remember instead of chatting with you for free I could be filming, posting videos, camming with paying fans.  If you abuse your skype privileges by messaging me constantly, asking for shows multiple times but not paying, use stall tactics to get a longer show you’ll be blocked.  It should go without saying but don’t share my ID with others.

What kind of sessions do I enjoy?  Ones that entertain me!  My preference is humiliation,  orgasm control, CEI,  CBT,  forced intoxication,  blackmail fantasy,  chastity,  cuckolding,  SPH, foot fetish,  hypnosis,  and probably more I’m forgetting.  If you have a clip of mine you enjoy and want a similar session, let me know!  No nudity, toys,  seeing me masturbate obviously.  Simply put I prefer domination and humiliation sessions with a submissive obedient fan 🙂  Feel free to message me and ask if your session ideas interest me before buying my ID.

I will not ever record or take pictures of your session without your permission and I expect the same in return.  If you do enjoy public humiliation though I love taking photos or short videos of sessions to put on my twitter or blog.

View my rates and availability on my cam session page as they may change.  EVERYONE that has sent me an email or message about cam/phone sessions will get a reply when I’m all set up and ready, you haven’t been forgotten 🙂

Remember skype isn’t the only option I use for cam sessions!  Find me on streamate and pay by the minute, you can even view my cam and chat with me when I’m not in sessions.  Sessions on Niteflirt will be coming soon.  Can’t wait to toy with you LIVE.




Happy Halloween

Hope everyone had a nice Halloween 🙂   I used to love dressing up for the holiday but I basically get to do that anytime I want now!  I also love horror movies and all things spooky so I didn’t do much out of the ordinary.

Here’s some photos I snapped in one of my costumes.  My closet is full of costumes but this is a new one I just picked up!  I put together a little story with them, let’s call it the Hungry Giantess


Noticing you…


Distracting you


Crushing you!


Just a tiny, puny man


Hmm maybe you’d make a nice snack


Any last words?


Tiny males make great Goddess fuel


Can’t stop at just one nom nom nom

The End 🙂

Fetish Con 2015

badgeOh Fetish Con,  how I adore thee.  Such an amazing experience to be around kinky, perverted people in a place where they could express themselves completely without embarrassment or judgement.  Seeing people dressed as if they’re attending a fancy fetish ball in your hotel lobby, walking down the streets, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks.  I had no idea what to expect but it exceeded my imagination.

Though I’ve been to other industry events like AEE (adult entertainment expo) where C4S has a booth, these events aren’t catered towards fetish or BDSM lovers.  It’s mainly porn stars, dildos, B/G dvds.  FetCon was latex, strap-ons, whips, and collared slaves.  Now that I dipped my toe in I can’t wait until next year!  All the parties, foot fetish play, dungeon time that I missed!  But I’ll know for next year, I already made a list of what to pack, what events I should skip and which I must attend, who I want to meet with….  How could I forget that?  All the amazing, inspiring women I met this weekend.  I even fangirled a bit over one of my industry idols, hard not to when you meet some of these ladies in person after “knowing” them online so long.

GoddessCanna (21)

Fetish Con mascot was so soft and furry!

IMG_20150816_191012_751Next year what I definitely need is more PICTURES.  I don’t really think to take “selfies” and pictures much but I regret it now.  I met so many great people, fans, models, industry workers and wish I had more photos.  Since I traveled and attended every event alone this year I’m considering putting a slave to good use next year.  Carrying my bags, taking photos of me, rubbing my feet, grabbing my coffee and drinks….


Tongue comparison with @sgtscaryface at pool party

GoddessCanna (17)

On the kinky red carpet

Sadly I didn’t film much.  I’m always on time when meeting with others for business but not everyone in this industry is.  I also don’t have patience for people that waste my time.  Another lovely model I was set to film with had a scary medical emergency and never made it.  So I filmed in my hotel when the mood struck me and focused on meeting people and being at the convention as much as possible.

Probably my favorite part of the week was all the great conversations discussing fetishes, styles of domination, making fun of useless slaves, picking up chastity tips, it was endless.    I love talking to people about their own fetishes, it’s really the best way to learn what makes them tick, what they really look for in content.  I seemed to bump into Ms. Alex Empire quite a bit, can’t wait to see her again!  We had hours of conversation and she was such a sweetheart.  Her escort was kind enough to take lot’s of pictures of us (thank you!).

AE Canna (3)

With the lovely @MsAlexEmpire

GoddessCanna Shauna

Do redheads make you weak? With @ShaunaRyanne

AE Canna (10)

AE Canna Shauna (2)

Posing with @ShaunaRyanne and @MsAlexEmpire

Unless something disastrous happens I will be attending next year.  For those that need to plan ahead FetCon released the official dates for the next THREE YEARS!  All at the same location in St. Petersburg FL.  Hope to see you there, you won’t regret it!

August 11 – 14, 2016
August 10 – 13, 2017
August 09 – 12, 2018

Customs, raising rates & becoming more selective

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting hearing details on my FetishCon trip (which was amazing!) but first an important update on custom clips.

The short version:

-Custom requests have increased to $10 minute minimum, 5 minutes minimum,  and increase with complexity

-Turnaround is approximately 1-4 weeks depending on many factors.  A better estimate will be given when I send a quote.

-I’m choosing to do less custom clips at this time and will be more selective in the ones I choose to make.

-To get a quote for a custom clip send me an email to goddesscanna@yahoo.com with your idea, length of clip, and MP4 or WMV format.

And the long rambling version……

After just celebrating 3 years on clips4sale, and almost 5 in the industry, it’s time to raise my rates.  I’m now filming with my new upgraded Canon and adore it!  I’ve been getting more requests every month and my time is becoming more precious.

The price of my custom clips has increased to $10 per minute minimum.  My exclusive custom price has been increased to $30 minute minimum.  To get a quote on your idea send me an email with all the details you’d like.  No email tag, no back and forth changing your mind every email, send a COMPLETE request to me on your first correspondence.  Include your idea, maybe phrases you’d like included, outfit requests, as detailed as you want (but keep in mind the more detailed and complex the more my quote!).  Make sure you include a requested length.  If I think it’s incorrect (need more/less time) I’ll say so in my email.  I prefer to create my own dialogue but will accept scripts.  With scripts I never guarantee 100% accuracy, I enjoy making up most dialogue as I go to be as natural as possible.

PLEASE keep in mind when emailing me to keep it as brief as possible. I don’t need backstory or character explanation. I prefer to add my own flair to every clip and the more you’ve already created in your head the less fun it is for me. Every detail you add will affect the time it takes to set up and film your custom. If you request specific makeup, hair, camera angle your custom may take longer because I’ll have to devote a few hours or the whole day to set up for you specifically. If you want nudity in your clip specify, but tasteful nudity only. If it doesn’t benefit the clip I won’t be including nudity.

 My turnaround for custom clips is now 1-4 weeks, I’ll try to give you my best estimate at time of purchase.   I don’t film daily, only a few times a week, and only when I feel like it.  I have to be in the mood to film amazing, mind fucking custom clips so I film only when I want to.  However I guarantee you it’s worth the wait and will give you the best custom product.   Don’t send me emails asking for updates (or emails saying how you “can’t wait”, same thing) unless 4 weeks have passed since payment.  Faster turnaround is available but keep in mind I don’t respond to custom emails everyday, it may take me a week or longer to respond to just your email.  My schedule is busy if I haven’t mentioned and I’m a one woman operation.

I will also be much more selective when accepting customs. I used to take any request that I felt comfortable with. I enjoyed trying new things and learning about fetishes and different role plays. However my interests are now clearly defined.  I know the type of clips that I’m best known for, what I enjoy filming, what sells the most. These are the kind of clips and customs I want to make more of. If a request wouldn’t fit my studio, my interests, my personality, I will no longer be accepting them.  It’s nothing against your fetish or idea, it’s a business decision. I’ve already starting turning down requests and gotten “but why?” replies. First,  does it matter?  There are many reasons, it doesn’t fit me or my studio, I don’t want to film it, it won’t resell well, I don’t want to attract that type of fan, it’s too much work for me, I’m too busy period and on and on…..Customs are a privilege not a right.  

So what requests are my favorite? I prefer femdom, humiliation, female supremacy, orgasm control/denial, homewrecker, CEI, SPH, goddess worship, ass worship, breast worship, hypnosis, mind fuck, executrix, cuckolding, financial domination, turning men into sissies, foot fetish…. I prefer being a powerful dominant woman and you playing the male weakling addict you are.  If you’re not sure it doesn’t hurt to ask.  I still enjoy trying new to me things as long as it fits my style.

NO masturbation, blow jobs, graphic close up nudity, dirty talk encouragement, submissive role play, acting like I “want you”, special effects (at this time), eating or crushing live animals, farting, using the toilet, small penis encouragement, girl friend experience, and more I’m probably forgetting.  Solo clips only.

Any questions just  email me.  I reply to all genuine request emails even if it’s a refusal.  If you send me a generic copy paste, no mention of my name, that you send out to every studio it’ll be ignored.  I’ve filmed hundreds of customs, maybe over a thousand including exclusives, over the years and really put all my effort into them.  I’m a perfectionist at making your request into your dream clip.  I’ve never had an unsatisfied customer and usually they come back for more and more.

I’m so excited and working harder than even on growing my studio.  FetishCon really got me focused on what I want and what I see my studio and career being in the future.  I’ll be shooting for Top 50 later this year which isn’t that far out of reach!  Waiting until the cooler weather comes and I can shoot a ton of clips.    Looking forward to hearing your kinky custom requests addicts 😉gc

Fetish Con

IMG_0219fetishconI know I’ve been very busy lately but I’ve had so much going on.  Fetish Con is almost here!  Have you noticed the banner in my clips4sale profile?  For the first time I’ll be attending and I’m so excited!  This is also my first trip to the East Coast for business, normally Vegas is as far as I travel.  I’ll be in Florida for the duration of the convention and hope to be very busy.  I’ve got some video shoots set up already but also have some openings (for any ladies reading 😉 ).  If you’ve been hoping for G/G custom shoots now is the time!  Starting at $20 per minute email me with any questions.  My normal limits still apply, no toys, no sex, just domination or fetish requests.

As far as meeting me at the convention, it’s a rare opportunity so take advantage of it.  I would recommend sending me an email or tweet on the day you plan to visit only because with my filming schedule I will not be hanging around much at the convention.

Now of course since I’ve posted about my trip I’ve gotten countless emails from subs I don’t know offering to be my toilet, my errand boy, my film slave….none of which I require.  Am I offering casual meetups, drinks, cash drops, shopping trips YES.  However I’m very picky and only respond to respectful and honest requests.  Prepare to pay for my time, knowing how rare this opportunity is to worship me in person.  Send any inquiries to goddesscanna@yahoo.com.  Do not expect a “session” as I do not offer those at this time.

How else can a good pet help my trip?  You can send gift cards or purchase gifts from my wishlist.  I have a lot of shopping to do and added tons of new stuff to my wishlist.  Or send me tributes to my studios, purchase nice big clip orders, anything to show your loyalty.

When I get back to the NW I’ll be back to shooting custom clips.  I’ve got a lot of requests waiting in my inbox, I KNOW, but I don’t take more orders than I can manage at a time.  Once this trip is over filming will be back to normal.  And once the brutal heat waves are over I’ll be back on cam more (I know you’ve missed me!).

Goddess Canna

sick week

Picture 144

Not looking too bad for just being sick….

Well I guess I didn’t avoid getting sick after all!  Literally the day after posting the last blog entry I got sick.  I was stuck in bed or the couch for days and it feels so good to have finally kicked this cold.  Speaking and swallowing was so painful because my wisdom teeth are taking their precious time coming in & the combination was excruciating. I slept most of it off with NyQuil and the rest of my day was spent watching bad TV.  Now it’s back to work finally!!

I’m still not available for customs at this time. Getting sick for 5 days means I haven’t worked out my cam schedule yet.  When my cam schedule is a little more finalized I’ll be able to realistically see how many custom orders I can handle per week. Just a little longer to wait  my eager custom addicts 😉  I’ll be on cam for the next 5 days making up for missed time.

I don’t have set times yet but the times I’m aiming for are  2-4 PST  & 8-10 PST give or take an hour.  These have been the best times for me so far.  If you have an account on streamate you can favorite me and be notified when I log in.  Or if you follow me on twitter I post a link to my chat room when I sign on.

Enjoy these pictures I just took with my webcam.  Not looking too bad considering I haven’t felt human in days.  I love when my hair is freshly dyed and vibrant.  If you enjoy seeing me blog more often make sure to comment and let me know!

Picture 149Picture 147

Hidden message ;)

Hidden message 😉

What’s new with Goddess

Picture 141e

It’s almost the end of February, I can’t believe it!  I’ve been keeping myself busy of course with work and other “real life” things.  I don’t really talk about myself outside of work much, but lots of fans have been asking me questions.   Guess that’s what my blog is for!  So for some real life Goddess tidbits…

January was the third anniversary of my boyfriend and I.  Well actually the anniversary of our first date.  We met in Vegas during the AEE and he took me to my very first steak dinner 🙂  I eat a mostly plant based diet and he’s been the downfall of my healthy eating every since haha.  We went to the nicest (and most expensive) steak house in Portland and it was divine.  I stuffed myself because after that I went on a week long cleanse.  I’ve been having some minor health issues and lack of energy lately.  No wheat, grains, gluten, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, coffee, it was pretty much hell!  However it did feel great and was a nice reset.  Typing that as I have a vodka and diet coke 😉

February has kept me busy with gardening and cooking!  I’m quite the domestic Goddess and cooking is my favorite thing in this world.  On my cleanse I missed making elaborate recipes and using new cookbooks.   Also definitely missed eating it all!  Then my poor man got sick and has been for the last week.  Really it’s interfered with my sleep and filming since he’s coughing nonstop.  But he’s on the mend and luckily I didn’t get sick!

Picture 111

Now for some news regarding the Empire of Goddess Canna.  January my clip studios were updated almost daily, I spent a lot of time putting out lot’s of new videos for you addicts!  I’ve also been getting custom clip orders like crazy.  So much so that I have to take a short break from them.  My time filming customs has just started dominating my schedule.  I need to rearrange my schedule so I can film for my studio, film customs, have time to edit and post, answering emails, AND cam.  I’ve really been neglecting web cam.  Customs are a great source of income for me but the hourly rate I make after all it’s all finished isn’t close to what I make on cam.

Last night I got on for the second time this year.  I had so much fun!  Having life interaction, watching men eat their cum for me, getting instant responses….I missed it.  I will be making it a larger priority.  I’ve set up a LOOSE schedule for myself and as I cam more I’ll try to narrow done when the best hours are for me.   Want to see me live on cam?  Here’s the link to my cam room, if I’m not in a session you can view my cam live.

Picture 97

When I have a more firm schedule I’ll post it here and twitter.  I hope some of you drop by, even just to say hi.  Though you’ll probably end up staying and spending 😉

Until further notice NO more custom video requests will be accepted.  I will announce when I’m available again.

Oh and enjoy the pictures of some of my newest gifts!