I haven’t posted gift pictures in forever.  It truly makes me smile to get a package from a fan, even something small.  I love looking through my collection of lingerie, makeup, clothing and seeing just how much was gifted to me.  Spoiled rotten and I deserve it 🙂  A few days ago I picked up a few packages.

I got a few items from  a new fan.  An amazing corset which I can’t wait to squeeze into!   It’s very snug but you’ll see me filming in this soon after some manipulation.   Plus to die for panties.  Your welcome for the picture.  Nail polish, not sure who it’s from but I love sparkly nails.Picture 9 corsetPicture 5

I recently had a graduate of my advanced orgasm training program.  My panty slave send me tributes to purchase this Bowie shirt, one of my favorite artists!  I dressed up as Aladdin Sane for halloween over 10 years agoPicture 17

He also sent me a large thank you tribute after graduating which I used to purchase  tickets for me and my boyfriend to attend an expensive foodie event coming up this month.  My favorite hobby is cooking and I’ve slowly grown from being an extremely picky eater to loving trying new foods and restaurants.  I’m so excited to attend this for the first time, thanks for paying the $200 admission panty slave 🙂

See the spoil me tab to check out my wishlists and my PO box address.

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