Been away a few days from sickness and some burnout.  Two of my three cats were sick with allergies, must be the new house because this is the first time!  Plus taxes, taxes are never something that the self employed look forward to.  Really it’s just been a busy week.  My boyfriend has an April birthday too, and of course I chose to spoil him over posting new videos for you boys 😉

Seems like everything is distracting me from camming.  Not to mention when I do make it online its full of freeloaders, beggars, one minute men, idiots, time wasters, people that say they will pay and never do…. haha guess my opinion of cam isn’t too high lately!  I’m trying to stay more positive but I do have to put up with so many morons, a Goddess can only take too much male stupidity in a day.  So for any cam fans out there, I am not taking skype sessions at this time.  I’ll let you know when I am though.

I’ve been back to filming and just shot some hot content along with a few customs.  Two of them featured some new lovely gifts I received.  A metallic red cat suit from an anonymous gifter.  And a lovely black dress from Ron, I adore this and it’s so me!  Not the best photos, they are just video screenshots…but how can you resist that ass?  I’ll be posting these videos to my studios soon so keep checking daily for updates. and

I also am excited about the feedback on my orgasm training program!  I have a few interested addicts and I’m busy building their training course now.   Enjoy the pics addicts, and don’t forget about my birthday Goddess day April 22nd!  Less than a week away!




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  1. Loserboy

    That catsuit looks totally awesome on you! The way the fabric hugs your curves is just breathtaking! Can’t wait to see this clip on kinkbomb 😉


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