canna 70 by 75 a1

Fan art from purplehairedoni23.  

Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was spectacular.  I went out to dinner and ate some great food, went to a comedy club, and got taken clothes shopping 🙂  Aren’t you jealous that my boyfriend gets to do all those things with me?  I also squeezed in lot’s of filming time.  I’m still keeping up with my new resolution of one new clip a day, and I have a batch of really great clips coming to my store soon.  A new religion clip for my Goddess Canna worshipers, a forced bi with a huge 14 inch black dildo, and a new cuckold clip.

Keep sending me your custom video requests.  Or maybe you just love a clip of mine?  Email me!  Let me know, leave comments on my blog, tweet to me, I am a one woman operation but I read everything you send me.  I love getting feedback and making clips that you love and worship.

With your help my studios keep climbing the top selling ranks.  Today I am the #21 selling studio on  I am also a featured studio, again!  Buying clips from my studios and sending me tributes via my studio helps me raise the ranks and get closer to #1 🙂

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  1. curious


    i believe that every worshipper of YOU must work harder to please YOU, and YOUR ranking on kinkbomb is a top priority beside spoiling YOU with gifts & money. So, i really encourage all YOUR followers & fans to go to YOUR studio on and start working in tgat project toake our GODDESS happy.

    I wish YOU all the best GODDESS

    YOUR follower


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