Happy Birthday Goddess!


Your cash looks better on my couch! Thanks to my #1 bitch – for now

I had a lovely birthday last month (April 22nd for those that forgot) and have been meaning to post some of the gifts & tributes that I received.  I get a lot of gifts, usually they come in waves.  Nothing for a week a week or two and then next thing I know my UPS is yelling at me to stop by and I walk out with my arms full every few days.  Some of these might not have been meant as bday gifts, maybe just a random wishlist purchase to make me smile, but they all arrived close enough 😉  I want to thank those of you that did spoil me in whatever way you could.  This post doesn’t include all the smaller tributes and big clip orders I got, too many of those to screenshot.  A lot of gifts that come from Amazon have no name or note attached so if I didn’t thank you it’s only because I had no idea who sent it.


Well you can’t see much of this “dress”


Thanks sissy in training

bday gift

Thanks loserboy

bday trib

Better late than never 😉 Thanks J


Thank you! My favorite author

Thank you! My favorite author

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?

Getting lots of books lately, are you trying to keep me from being productive?


One of my favorites, thanks sissy in training!


Another dress you can't see much of...

Another dress you can’t see much of…


Corset from silly slave

Birthday dinner selfie

Birthday dinner selfie, pretty casual when I’m not in corsets&fishnets

Happy Birthday to ME 🙂  Did YOU forget?  Make it up to me with a tribute or a wishlist binge.  I also LOVE gift cards sent to goddesscanna@yahoo.com or cash to my PO box (address under tribute/spoil me tab).  Please don’t ever send flowers or perishable items to my PO box, I only go every few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures in this post…what am I saying, of course you did.

General updates

Hey jerk slaves!  I want to thank all of you for making my birthday last month so lovely.  Each year you impress me more and more 🙂  I got so many gifts and tributes, I came on here to post pictures but wordpress apparently doesn’t want that tonight.  So I’ll post some old ones to keep this interesting….


Instead I’ll make a general update since my schedule will be changing over the summer.  I plan to take at least a month off from the camera this summer.  That means NO custom clips and probably no cam sessions unless I feel like logging in.  I want to get in all custom requests before June 1st in my inbox goddesscanna@yahoo.com.  If you come up with a custom idea in July…you can email it to me but I won’t be filming and I might not reply until I’m ready to film again.  I’ll still be posting content to my studios, checking twitter, and responding to emails from my loyal fans just not as often.  I’m looking forward to some time off to refresh my creativity and enjoy life.


In August I’ll be traveling back to Florida for FetishCon!  You can view my blog post with pictures from last year, my first time attending.  I’m so excited to attend again!  Are you thinking about going?  Please note before asking I do NOT offer real time sessions.  However…if you’d like to meet me at the convention, hand me cash, buy me a drink, kiss my boots, purchase my new corset, take pictures with me, hand me your chastity key, or have a chat with a beautiful Goddess you’ll see me there 🙂  I’m open to the idea of certain sessions and requests for my loyal slaves and fans only.  Do not email me asking to eat my ass if you haven’t even purchased a video for fucks sake.

So make sure you email me your custom requests soon!  As far as cam sessions take advantage of when I’m logged in and message me.  As always for my most current schedule and updates refer to my twitter.  If I do log on skype or have a day open to shoot videos spontaneously during my break I’ll post it there.  As always thanks to my true fans, addicts, and slaves for supporting my work and purchasing it from my studios.  Everything I work on and produce is 100% my creation and effort (besides custom scripts of course).  I answer all emails, edit every video, type every description…it’s all me.  Please support the models and producers that make your fantasies come true so they can continue to do so (and feel it’s worth the effort!).  DSC02030eMy clips4sale studio  +  My Iwantclips studio  +  My kinkbomb studio