Fetish Con 2015

badgeOh Fetish Con,  how I adore thee.  Such an amazing experience to be around kinky, perverted people in a place where they could express themselves completely without embarrassment or judgement.  Seeing people dressed as if they’re attending a fancy fetish ball in your hotel lobby, walking down the streets, grabbing a coffee at Starbucks.  I had no idea what to expect but it exceeded my imagination.

Though I’ve been to other industry events like AEE (adult entertainment expo) where C4S has a booth, these events aren’t catered towards fetish or BDSM lovers.  It’s mainly porn stars, dildos, B/G dvds.  FetCon was latex, strap-ons, whips, and collared slaves.  Now that I dipped my toe in I can’t wait until next year!  All the parties, foot fetish play, dungeon time that I missed!  But I’ll know for next year, I already made a list of what to pack, what events I should skip and which I must attend, who I want to meet with….  How could I forget that?  All the amazing, inspiring women I met this weekend.  I even fangirled a bit over one of my industry idols, hard not to when you meet some of these ladies in person after “knowing” them online so long.

GoddessCanna (21)

Fetish Con mascot was so soft and furry!

IMG_20150816_191012_751Next year what I definitely need is more PICTURES.  I don’t really think to take “selfies” and pictures much but I regret it now.  I met so many great people, fans, models, industry workers and wish I had more photos.  Since I traveled and attended every event alone this year I’m considering putting a slave to good use next year.  Carrying my bags, taking photos of me, rubbing my feet, grabbing my coffee and drinks….


Tongue comparison with @sgtscaryface at pool party

GoddessCanna (17)

On the kinky red carpet

Sadly I didn’t film much.  I’m always on time when meeting with others for business but not everyone in this industry is.  I also don’t have patience for people that waste my time.  Another lovely model I was set to film with had a scary medical emergency and never made it.  So I filmed in my hotel when the mood struck me and focused on meeting people and being at the convention as much as possible.

Probably my favorite part of the week was all the great conversations discussing fetishes, styles of domination, making fun of useless slaves, picking up chastity tips, it was endless.    I love talking to people about their own fetishes, it’s really the best way to learn what makes them tick, what they really look for in content.  I seemed to bump into Ms. Alex Empire quite a bit, can’t wait to see her again!  We had hours of conversation and she was such a sweetheart.  Her escort was kind enough to take lot’s of pictures of us (thank you!).

AE Canna (3)

With the lovely @MsAlexEmpire

GoddessCanna Shauna

Do redheads make you weak? With @ShaunaRyanne

AE Canna (10)

AE Canna Shauna (2)

Posing with @ShaunaRyanne and @MsAlexEmpire

Unless something disastrous happens I will be attending next year.  For those that need to plan ahead FetCon released the official dates for the next THREE YEARS!  All at the same location in St. Petersburg FL.  Hope to see you there, you won’t regret it!

August 11 – 14, 2016
August 10 – 13, 2017
August 09 – 12, 2018