Customs, raising rates & becoming more selective

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting hearing details on my FetishCon trip (which was amazing!) but first an important update on custom clips.

The short version:

-Custom requests have increased to $10 minute minimum, 5 minutes minimum,  and increase with complexity

-Turnaround is approximately 1-4 weeks depending on many factors.  A better estimate will be given when I send a quote.

-I’m choosing to do less custom clips at this time and will be more selective in the ones I choose to make.

-To get a quote for a custom clip send me an email to with your idea, length of clip, and MP4 or WMV format.

And the long rambling version……

After just celebrating 3 years on clips4sale, and almost 5 in the industry, it’s time to raise my rates.  I’m now filming with my new upgraded Canon and adore it!  I’ve been getting more requests every month and my time is becoming more precious.

The price of my custom clips has increased to $10 per minute minimum.  My exclusive custom price has been increased to $30 minute minimum.  To get a quote on your idea send me an email with all the details you’d like.  No email tag, no back and forth changing your mind every email, send a COMPLETE request to me on your first correspondence.  Include your idea, maybe phrases you’d like included, outfit requests, as detailed as you want (but keep in mind the more detailed and complex the more my quote!).  Make sure you include a requested length.  If I think it’s incorrect (need more/less time) I’ll say so in my email.  I prefer to create my own dialogue but will accept scripts.  With scripts I never guarantee 100% accuracy, I enjoy making up most dialogue as I go to be as natural as possible.

PLEASE keep in mind when emailing me to keep it as brief as possible. I don’t need backstory or character explanation. I prefer to add my own flair to every clip and the more you’ve already created in your head the less fun it is for me. Every detail you add will affect the time it takes to set up and film your custom. If you request specific makeup, hair, camera angle your custom may take longer because I’ll have to devote a few hours or the whole day to set up for you specifically. If you want nudity in your clip specify, but tasteful nudity only. If it doesn’t benefit the clip I won’t be including nudity.

 My turnaround for custom clips is now 1-4 weeks, I’ll try to give you my best estimate at time of purchase.   I don’t film daily, only a few times a week, and only when I feel like it.  I have to be in the mood to film amazing, mind fucking custom clips so I film only when I want to.  However I guarantee you it’s worth the wait and will give you the best custom product.   Don’t send me emails asking for updates (or emails saying how you “can’t wait”, same thing) unless 4 weeks have passed since payment.  Faster turnaround is available but keep in mind I don’t respond to custom emails everyday, it may take me a week or longer to respond to just your email.  My schedule is busy if I haven’t mentioned and I’m a one woman operation.

I will also be much more selective when accepting customs. I used to take any request that I felt comfortable with. I enjoyed trying new things and learning about fetishes and different role plays. However my interests are now clearly defined.  I know the type of clips that I’m best known for, what I enjoy filming, what sells the most. These are the kind of clips and customs I want to make more of. If a request wouldn’t fit my studio, my interests, my personality, I will no longer be accepting them.  It’s nothing against your fetish or idea, it’s a business decision. I’ve already starting turning down requests and gotten “but why?” replies. First,  does it matter?  There are many reasons, it doesn’t fit me or my studio, I don’t want to film it, it won’t resell well, I don’t want to attract that type of fan, it’s too much work for me, I’m too busy period and on and on…..Customs are a privilege not a right.  

So what requests are my favorite? I prefer femdom, humiliation, female supremacy, orgasm control/denial, homewrecker, CEI, SPH, goddess worship, ass worship, breast worship, hypnosis, mind fuck, executrix, cuckolding, financial domination, turning men into sissies, foot fetish…. I prefer being a powerful dominant woman and you playing the male weakling addict you are.  If you’re not sure it doesn’t hurt to ask.  I still enjoy trying new to me things as long as it fits my style.

NO masturbation, blow jobs, graphic close up nudity, dirty talk encouragement, submissive role play, acting like I “want you”, special effects (at this time), eating or crushing live animals, farting, using the toilet, small penis encouragement, girl friend experience, and more I’m probably forgetting.  Solo clips only.

Any questions just  email me.  I reply to all genuine request emails even if it’s a refusal.  If you send me a generic copy paste, no mention of my name, that you send out to every studio it’ll be ignored.  I’ve filmed hundreds of customs, maybe over a thousand including exclusives, over the years and really put all my effort into them.  I’m a perfectionist at making your request into your dream clip.  I’ve never had an unsatisfied customer and usually they come back for more and more.

I’m so excited and working harder than even on growing my studio.  FetishCon really got me focused on what I want and what I see my studio and career being in the future.  I’ll be shooting for Top 50 later this year which isn’t that far out of reach!  Waiting until the cooler weather comes and I can shoot a ton of clips.    Looking forward to hearing your kinky custom requests addicts 😉gc