Fetish Con

IMG_0219fetishconI know I’ve been very busy lately but I’ve had so much going on.  Fetish Con is almost here!  Have you noticed the banner in my clips4sale profile?  For the first time I’ll be attending and I’m so excited!  This is also my first trip to the East Coast for business, normally Vegas is as far as I travel.  I’ll be in Florida for the duration of the convention and hope to be very busy.  I’ve got some video shoots set up already but also have some openings (for any ladies reading 😉 ).  If you’ve been hoping for G/G custom shoots now is the time!  Starting at $20 per minute email me with any questions.  My normal limits still apply, no toys, no sex, just domination or fetish requests.

As far as meeting me at the convention, it’s a rare opportunity so take advantage of it.  I would recommend sending me an email or tweet on the day you plan to visit only because with my filming schedule I will not be hanging around much at the convention.

Now of course since I’ve posted about my trip I’ve gotten countless emails from subs I don’t know offering to be my toilet, my errand boy, my film slave….none of which I require.  Am I offering casual meetups, drinks, cash drops, shopping trips YES.  However I’m very picky and only respond to respectful and honest requests.  Prepare to pay for my time, knowing how rare this opportunity is to worship me in person.  Send any inquiries to goddesscanna@yahoo.com.  Do not expect a “session” as I do not offer those at this time.

How else can a good pet help my trip?  You can send gift cards or purchase gifts from my wishlist.  I have a lot of shopping to do and added tons of new stuff to my wishlist.  Or send me tributes to my studios, purchase nice big clip orders, anything to show your loyalty.

When I get back to the NW I’ll be back to shooting custom clips.  I’ve got a lot of requests waiting in my inbox, I KNOW, but I don’t take more orders than I can manage at a time.  Once this trip is over filming will be back to normal.  And once the brutal heat waves are over I’ll be back on cam more (I know you’ve missed me!).

Goddess Canna