Good bye 2014

Picture 751

Thank you to all my fans and addicts for an amazing 2014!  My best year so far and I really feel like I slacked.  I took several months off, traveled, I suffered major burnout from spending TOO much time thinking about work and not enough taking care of myself.  Now I know it’s all about balance, those hours I make to take care of myself in the week will pay off when I’m not stressed and in need of a WEEK off.  Ready for a kickass yet balanced year!

I will NOT be attending the AEE this January.  I’ve attended this event numerous times and decided to skip this year.  Instead I’ll be attending FetCon for the first time in August, I’m much more excited to attend an event more centered around my specialties!

I’ll also be amping up my clip production.  This year it’s time for a camera upgrade and I’m very excited for that!  I’ve also found some ways to make custom videos even better for those that love elaborate customs.  My clip studios are also due for an overhaul, time for new layouts!  All things to look forward to in 2015.


If you haven’t seen on my twitter this site & my email  will be closing soon.  It’s been too much for me to maintain on my own at the moment.  I’m actually very bad at all things technology, kind of funny I ended up doing this!  The bugs and errors I’ve gotten are too much for me so I’ll be closing this and opening another blog with all the same content.  In the new year I’ll be focusing my energy on the most important things,  eliminating those extra sites and social media platforms I never use to make more time for the real money makers.

I’ll have a new blog up soon, for now you can find more about my custom videos & some pictures on my tumblr.   Even more pictures and daily updates on my twitter @GoddessCanna.

My new email is  Please send all custom video requests, fan mail, questions, etc to my new email.

Happy New Year!!!