Enjoying the summer

I’ve been enjoying some time off this August, time off from work and social media in general.  Summer is always a slow season for sex workers,  known as the “summer slump”.  Everyone is out enjoying the weather, vacation time, barbecues, swimming, family, spending their money on everything but porn.  I didn’t plan it but I decided to indulge in some time off myself.

My clips4sale studio will have been open 2 years next month, I can’t believe how time flies!  Before opening my studio I worked as a cam model for almost 2 years.  I didn’t think when I started it would be permanent but now I’m in it for the long haul.  I love my job but it’s easy to burn out pleasing so many other people.  It’s time to just relax a bit and make Goddess happy 🙂  I’m saying this because after updating my clips stores only twice this month I’ve gotten worried emails from fans.  I’m not going anywhere, just enjoying the summer.  Recharging my creativity.  Thinking about what I want for my studios in the next two years!

I announced on twitter (though many don’t follow me there) earlier this month that I was taking a break from custom videos.  I’ve gotten dozens of requests and I will email you all in order when I’m back to filming.  Part of the reason I took a break from customs was to increase my prices.   I also have pages and pages of my own clip ideas that never get filmed simply because I’m too busy with custom content.  I want to finally get my own twisted kinky fantasies filmed and in my studio.

So for another week or two emails, clip posts, tweets will all be at a minimum.   I’m posting content when I feel like it and ending up some slave and orgasm training with some lucky pets.  Would have been great to go to Fetishcon but I’m already making plans for shoots next year….

In September I’ll be back to posting new clips and camming with a mission.  Maybe I’ll blog about that in the future.  Enjoy your summer!  I am.

And if you’re missing my updates, why not scroll through two years worth of amazing Goddess Canna clips to see if you’re missing something important from your collection?  Clips4sale  &  Kinkbomb.BnYz0NEIEAAZGYj