Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!  Always presents to pick up, gift cards to spend, and tributes being made.  Exactly how I like it!  My most desired present finally made it’s way here:  my new Canon DSLR camera.  Enjoy all these stunning pictures of your Goddess.  This is only a small fraction, I still have more to snap pictures of and some I just picked up today.  Spoiled and I love it!

From my armpit addict, not to mention all the tributes!

From my armpit addict, not to mention all the tributes!

Thank you Dave!

Thank you Dave!



Gorgeous red locks



Luscious breasts, try to stop drooling.


From a french addict



My new rug, purchased with gift cards. I love leopard print, can you tell?


Dirty, linty toes under my fuzzy socks


Cute socks, thank you R!


Soo many new pantyhose and stockings! Thank you J!


So many ideas for these evil capes, thank you J!

No more mediafire

I’ve been using mediafire to host my videos for over a year now but after some new upgrades I’ve decided to change sites.  If you have a custom video on mediafire, make sure that it is downloaded.  In fact, anytime you receive a custom video from me, make sure you download it!  Most importantly if you stream the video you will lose a lot of quality!  But also because I will begin deleting custom videos from the file host website approx 1-2 weeks after I send the link.  Make sure you download it to your computer so you can watch it over and over again.  Also you won’t have to bug me for the link again 😉  I’ll now be using dropbox which a lot of my fans have already said is easier and faster to use.  You can even make your own dropbox account so you can download it to your account versus your computer.  You know, incase you have a pesky wife….

What else is new?  Well I’ve been getting a ton of gifts!  Valentine’s was excellent, thank you boys for spoiling me right.  I will be taking pictures tonight so I can post them on my blog soon.

I’ve also welcomed a new slave into my pack, hopefully he keeps doing a good job of impressing me!  Have a great weekend addicts!  I will be available for cam, email me or find me on skype.DSC02030e



Happy Valentines to Me 🙂

Me and my man had a fabulous early Valentines yesterday, and of course I have to brag about it!  I know you’ll all be drooling in jealousy, how much you wish you were lucky enough to be my guy.  After sleeping in and having an early smoke we headed to get our hour long couples massage.  My first massage EVER.  I can’t believe I waited this long, it was amazing!  Definitely something I will be spoiling myself with more often.

Nice and relaxed we headed home to chill, dinner reservations were in 5 hours.  My boyfriend, and yes he knows how lucky he is, ended up getting a blow job on the couch.  Yes I am the best girlfriend ever 🙂 .  Later I got all dolled up for a fancy steak dinner.  I picked one of the top 10 steakhouses in the country and it did not disappoint!  $120 for a dry aged steak to split with my guy, cocktails, salads, dessert…so delicious!  Food is my biggest weakness, and cooking my favorite hobby.  We ended the night with a $240 bill and were extremely satisfied.  I know all my cuckolds loved reading the tweets through out the day and make sure you reimburse us for the meal haha!

Now more importantly, how can you give your Goddess an amazing Valentines?  Well I know that I’m the most important woman in your life.  So many of my fans are virgins so I know you don’t have another date!  Even if you do have a wife you spend more time jerking to me and so you should spend more on me this holiday!  Prove to me that you adore me more by spending on me and leaving her with nothing.

E-gift cards and tributes are perfect, they’ll come just on time 🙂  Or shop my amazon wishlist here.   Just make sure you put a smile on my face!  All of my slaves and fans should make sure I’m spoiled tomorrow.  I’ll be on cam in the evening to spend with all the lonely, single losers.  And those of you fucking your wives?  Make sure you think of me….


Tributing on Kinkbomb


Tributing on clips4sale


Good boy! Thank you 🙂

Cam announcement

I will be live on cam tomorrow, Saturday!  It has been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve offered live sessions so if you’ve been begging for one here’s your chance!

Find me on streamate in free chat most of the day.  So those of you that are interested in my cam quality, what I’m wearing, etc.  I suggest you peek there!  Sign up through my referral link and I get an extra 40%! You would rather that money go to ME than the site right?

I will also be logged on skype:  goddess.canna

My rates on streamate are $4.99 per minute at the moment but do change periodically.  Block sessions are automatically discounted.   My rates on skype are:

5 minutes … $25

10 minutes … $50

15 minutes ….$60

20 minutes … $80

30 minutes …$120  contact me for longer session prices.  I also offer discounts on ignore cam.

If I am live on streamate I will NOT leave to offer shows on skype for cheaper.  I will be banned from streamate if there is any mention of skype or offsite shows.  If you find me on streamate, get a show with me there!  Or politely wait until I log off and enquire about how you can pay for a skype show.

On cam I do not offer:  maturbation, toys for me, anal, messy activities like oil or spitting (block session or extra tribute required) below the belt nudity is a privilege.

My favorite cam shows include:  ass worship, foot fetish, Goddess worship, humiliation, CEI, CBT, financial domination, sissification, tease and denial, ruined orgasms, pantyhose / panty / outfit modeling, slave training, JOI, intoxication, blackmail, and MORE just ask!


If you missed my blog post that offered incentives for helping me upgrade please read here.  I am 20% of the way there already thanks to a few fans!  My prices on customs will be going up when I have all my new equipment and have better quality HD video.  By helping me upgrade you will guarantee a locked in price on the custom videos you pre-order and get extra time as a thank you!   I already ordered the new camera and I’m very excited 🙂  If you can’t contribute $250 or more, any little bit helps!  I have a wishlist on amazon specifically for cam props and studio needs here.  Even small amazon gift cards or tributes add up to making my studio #1!

Changes coming to custom videos

Be0ADGhCQAA765JThat’s right addicts.  I’ve been tweeting and mentioning that I’m going to be changing how I do customs, prices, improving my equipment…etc.  The time has come!  I’m too high in demand and don’t have enough time to be filming all the requests I’ve been getting.  Unfortunately I have to start being pickier and charging more.  And if you can’t afford the price of a custom priceless video from  me?  Well that’s what my clip stores are for!  Filled with videos at only a little over $1 per minute, and lots of other kinky customs resold for cheap. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a member site as well.  I would have to get enough subscriptions to make it worth my while though.  But that would take months to work on, so don’t expect it any time soon.

So what are the current changes?  

As of right now my rates have not changed.  I will be pricing videos on a case by case basis though, no more flat per minute cost.  The more complex your request, outfit changes, camera angle changes, script and dialogue to memorize etc the more I will charge.  Every custom must be approved by me before payment is sent.  Email me your request and at my earliest convenience I will reply with my approval (or denial) and the price.  Starting at $5 per minute for resale, $10 for private clips.

Full payment will now be required up front.  My preferences in order:  clips4sale tribute, kinkbomb tribute, niteflirt tribute.  On rare cases I will accept mailed cash or gift cards.

Upgraded equipment for a high quality product!  This I’m very excited about 🙂  I already have been using my new lights and love the difference they make!


old lights


new lights, still adjusting but a big improvement

Next is new computer, DSLR camera, HD camcorder, and always more more more!  I can always think of new improvements to be made and love seeing my products become higher quality.  I got a great idea from another studio owner and thought I would let some of you boys offer if you were interested.  RARELY do I offer incentives to purchase items, I mean the item is incentive enough!  But since I’m investing thousands into this new equipment it seems an appropriate time.  Email me if you are interested in paying a large sum up front to help me upgrade.  You’ll be rewarded with custom videos, cam time, panties, etc equal to the value you “invested” and then some!  Minimum of $250, which would be equal to  50 minutes in custom videos (at my current price!) and I’ll add an extra 10%.  This would not have to be redeemed in one video, use it at your leisure.  If my price per minute changes it will not affect the minutes you’ve paid for.  This is a great incentive for my fans that order big.   I will be placing a limit on how many can take advantage of this, so email me if you want to know more!

Enjoy all the new clips addicts! I’ll be getting back on live cam soon, more on that another day…

Off to a great start!

January has been a great start to the year for your Goddess!  Only two weeks into the year and I was off for a work vacation 🙂  I still haven’t blogged about the AEE, it’s because I have so many scattered pictures and video clips, need to collect them all and do a massive post.  Recently I posted some of the videos I filmed in Vegas (before I got sick), check them out!

Vegas ass worship in shower video

Vegas ass worship in shower video


Dirty Vegas feet

Even though I already got sick this year and I haven’t put in a single minute on cam or phone my sales are record high this month!  Second highest payouts on KB and C4S, good job boys!  I also sold more customs than any other month, I was filming 2-3 a day, every fucking day.  You kept me so busy!  February is going to be even better.  I ordered a new lighting kit, a futon for filming and camming, and lot’s of decorations for my new office space.  All to motivate me to get my ass on live cam again, which I miss!  As much as I love making videos being on cam is where I started.  I like the live interaction, having a whole room of boys drooling for me, being able to count the cum loads swallowed for me…that I was able to see! haha

I have even more changes coming.  Being in Vegas really motivated me to work harder, put in more hours, and fucking dominate in sales.  So keep checking my studios and buy, buy, buy!!

Thank you to all my fans that sent me gifts this month too!  I’ll be doing a post soon of me modeling some of these gifts.  Keep up the good work 😉 Spoil your Goddess here


From ass bitch and Mark




So many socks, love these! Thanks R!