An end to 2013

Hello addicts, fans, slaves, and the curious.  I’m so excited to say GOODBYE to 2013.  I look forward to the start of a blank year, a clean slate, a new beginning every year.  I don’t usually make resolutions, but this year I do want to make some goals to accomplish.   This is My year.  Goddess Canna was created in 2013 and in 2014 I will thrive.

Maybe some of you don’t know but I have been working in the adult industry for over 3 years.  I was mainly a “vanilla” webcam model until I started my clips4sale studio in September 2012.  Shortly after my inbox was exploding with custom requests, fetish and femdom web cam requests, slave applications…. it was completely unexpected!  I had fetish requests on occasion such as SPH, spanking, foot fetish but I was learning so many new things and LOVING the way good subs would treat Me.  I started ignoring my other regulars in favor of doing fetish videos and making my clips4sale studio bigger and better.  When I would get on webcam or work on certain websites like old times I was completely annoyed, had no patience, I was done, I had evolved.  For the first time in this career I decided to change my whole persona.  It was scary, I lost money and fans.  But I was happy.  I liked filming clips, I enjoyed getting on cam, I had much more imagination and creativity.  Over time my fanbase built, my addicts have grown, and here I am today.  If this evolution hadn’t occurred I don’t think I would be camming or in the adult industry today.  Finding fetishes and awakening the Female Dominant in Me created a whole new motivation and mindset.

This is the year my empire grows even bigger.  I’m going to be traveling, attending events and meeting fans.  I will be finding a mentor or classes to be trained in professional real-time dominatrix techniques.  My video camera, computer, lighting is all about to get a massive upgrade to give my fans better quality materials.  I put everything I have into this job, so much sometimes that I have  nothing left at the end of the day.  I read every fan mail and request that I receive and I try my best to answer them.  Please know that I am a 100% solo powered Goddess machine and I only have so many hours a day to give.

After taking the last two months easy I am returning back to full time Goddess duties.  More posting, blogging, camming, making men weak…etc.  🙂  I will try to post my cam schedule in advance on here so you know when to reach Me.  Know that all extra contact with Me (excluding emailed requests and custom orders, duh) REQUIRES TRIBUTE, read above- my time is NOT free and is limited.  I will be providing new, extra ways to contact Me like text, im chat, phone but only for those that respect my time and tribute for the privilege.

Happy New Year bitches!  Help your Goddess kick ass and become #1Picture 775 Picture 777


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my fans!  I’ve been posting some fun holiday themed clips this year, all wearing sexy holiday costumes of course.  Check them out in my studios: clips4sale & kinkbomb.

I’ve finally gotten a PO box to have gifts delivered to 🙂  They won’t be on time but I LOVE being spoiled Amazon Xmas wishlist

vlcsnap-2013-12-13-13h34m27s205 vlcsnap-2013-12-13-13h34m30s240

I love shopping too, here are my favorite e-gift cards.  My highest gift card christmas tribute was $500, I’d love to see a good pet beat it this year!  Remember who is #1 this holiday season, ME!  Enjoy some time off and spoil yourself by buying my clips 😉


Urban outfitters

Victorias Secrets





vlcsnap-2013-12-22-16h59m44s146 xmas assworship

Now filming custom videos again!

Good news for you perverts! I’m all moved in and finally getting settled. Of course I’m no where near unpacked but slowly getting there. The best news is…I’m accepting custom video orders again! It’s been almost a full month. I’ll also be back to posting almost daily videos to my studios so keep checking my clips4sale and kinkbomb stores. Email me your custom video request now, first to pay deposit is first to be filmed 🙂  Read more about ordering a custom video from Goddess Canna here.