Slave application

Thank you again for all the get well wishes ūüôā ¬†I am 99% better today and got a lot of filming done, I missed it! ¬†Videos are being posted again too, don’t worry addicts. ¬†I am accepting custom orders again since I’m already getting caught up.

I am making this post about My new slave application.¬† ¬†I get daily emails from fans asking to be My slave. ¬†However once they hear it takes an obligation and actually money they don’t bother replying, pathetic. ¬†Of course it costs money to be My slave, it requires My time and precious energy to give you special attention!

Well for those that are truly curious and want to know the steps to become My slave you can now fill out My application.  There is a mandatory $50 minimum tribute required before I will read your application   Do not fill it out and send it to Me without a tribute, that will result in an instant block!

I will add this to My pages soon, but I know you addicts would want to be able to apply right away ūüôā ¬†Remember $50 is the minimum! ¬†Spend more to impress Me, send gift cards to My email or send Me a tribute on clips4sale or kinkbomb.100_3488

Goddess Canna slave application

You have come to the right place. You have seen Me and worshipped Me from afar, through my website and videos. Well now get the chance to be owned by Me. Serve Me, submit to Me in all the ways you desire. Please fill this out honestly.  Anything marked ** is required. Serving Me is not free, regular tributes are  necessary to be considered My slave. Do not bother filling out My application if you do not have a minimum of $100 to tribute Me monthly.

The perks of being My slave are obvious. You are chosen by Me to serve Me, so lucky. My slaves earn My attention by pleasing Me.  They have top priority in emails, videos, attention.  Join My army of addicts and serve Goddess Canna today.

Submit your answers back to My email and pray to be accepted. A mandatory tribute of $50 minimum is REQUIRED before I will read your application. Send an e-gift card or a studio tribute with “slave application _(your slave name)_” in the comments.

slave name: *
Email: *
Salary: *
Sexual orientation: *
Minimum monthly tribute you can offer Goddess Canna*
Are you currently owned by another Mistress / Domme? *
Do you wish to sign a contract of service? *
Please list your fetishes or female domination interests: *
Explain how you would like to serve Me : * (financial sub, chastity slave, cuckold, foot bitch, wishlist pay pig…)
Hard limits: *
Explain why I should consider you to serve Me :*
Anything else you wish Goddess Canna to know as she considers your application?

Send this to My email with your tribute and await My response. ¬†Good luck ūüôā

sick :(

I haven’t updated my clip stores for days or checked emails, sorry addicts! ¬†I’ve been sick for the past 3 days and haven’t really left my bed, thankfully I’m getting better. ¬†I just need to catch up on some sleep and will be filming some custom clips tomorrow. ¬†I’ve already started posting some more videos and will get back on track in a few days.vlcsnap-2013-09-25-18h40m40s135Thanks for all the well wishes and gift cards while I was sick, you know how to make me smile. ¬†I won’t be accepting new custom orders or camming for a few days, check my twitter for more @cannamiss


Halloween costumes round 1

Picture 703

Halloween is coming up in a few weeks, I can’t wait! ¬†I love dressing up and I got some really lovely new costumes, thank you! ¬†I’ll be tweeting pictures for the rest of the month for Kinkbomb’s halloween costume contest. ¬†Obviously I want the $300 and to win! ¬†Here’s some of my new costumes, I still have more from last year that I will post soon.Picture 698Poison Ivy from JPicture 685Picture 684

Officers uniform from J
Picture 687Picture 694Sexy maid from M

Picture 711Picture 713Nurse from M

Thank you guys so much for spoiling me with these amazing costumes! ¬†I’ve already filmed some clips in them and more will come. ¬† If you have an idea leave it in the comments, these costumes are all available for custom videos too! ¬†If you want to buy me a costume here is my wishlist, look at the notes for items marked “HALLOWEEN’. ¬†Hope you enjoy the pics guys and all the videos I’ve been making lately. ¬†Don’t forget to rate me 5 stars always. ¬†Happy Halloween!