Small penis encouragement

I am well know for my excellent small penis humiliation. So many little cock men love to have me laugh at them for being inadequate.   But I do sometimes explore the opposite fetish, small penis encouragement.  Instead of humiliation your size, I encourage it!  This type of clip is all about how cute your small size is to me.   When I do make this type of clip they are always best sellers!  Here’s my latest ” Your cute mini cock is swallowed by my big ass”

 You’re my ex-boyfriend and after getting high you sent me a picture of your shrinking cock. Aww, it’s so cute though…it’s an adorable mini now! Well my ass has gotten BIGGER and I take this video for you to prove it. Look at how it fills the frame of my camera. With your cute little cock I’m sure my big cheeks can swallow you up, and I prove it by using a small dildo. It’s actually bigger than you and I can still fit it in my cheeks, my big booty is swallowing up your mini cock! It’s cute though, you know that I always loved your small cock. Yes I’ve had bigger but yours always felt good, even though you were mini sized, and you’re even smaller now! I mean big cocks feel good but yours is adorable. Watch as I get high and tease you with a cute dildo in my big cheeks, don’t you wish you could squeeze in between my big cheeks? 



If you prefer my humiliation, don’t worry it’s my favorite too.  Haha.  SPH was one of the first fetishes I was exposed to when I started live webcamming, I wasn’t even into femdom and unaware of many fetishes.  One of my first private cam sessions was with a man who showed me his hard cock next to his phone and wanted me to laugh at it for how tiny it was.  3 years later and I’m a SPH Queen.   I have dozens of videos, countless customs, and hundreds of live webcam small penish humiliation sessions.  It has grown to be one of my favorite fetishes.  One day I will post a blog about my journey into femdom but thats for another post.

I definitely recommend this clip if you are curious about being teased about your size but in a playful way.  It’s already selling like crazy 🙂

canna 70 by 75 a1

Fan art from purplehairedoni23.  

Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was spectacular.  I went out to dinner and ate some great food, went to a comedy club, and got taken clothes shopping 🙂  Aren’t you jealous that my boyfriend gets to do all those things with me?  I also squeezed in lot’s of filming time.  I’m still keeping up with my new resolution of one new clip a day, and I have a batch of really great clips coming to my store soon.  A new religion clip for my Goddess Canna worshipers, a forced bi with a huge 14 inch black dildo, and a new cuckold clip.

Keep sending me your custom video requests.  Or maybe you just love a clip of mine?  Email me!  Let me know, leave comments on my blog, tweet to me, I am a one woman operation but I read everything you send me.  I love getting feedback and making clips that you love and worship.

With your help my studios keep climbing the top selling ranks.  Today I am the #21 selling studio on  I am also a featured studio, again!  Buying clips from my studios and sending me tributes via my studio helps me raise the ranks and get closer to #1 🙂

Good boys

You have been keeping me busy lately!   After the last few months of increased success with my fetish video stores I have been trying to keep it going, I have a strong desire to reach #1!  Well this week my loyal pets have helped me get on the top 25 studios on the kinkbomb homepage!  My studio reached 23 but has fallen a bit, soon we will be #1.  I am so excited, I have only been on kinkbomb for 2 months and this shows that I will only keep climbing the ranks.  My goal is to update my studios DAILY with new videos.  Some videos I offer in WMV and AVI format, others I have decided to only offer in WMV.

kb 25

I have been a spoiled Goddess this week too 🙂  Tons of gift cards, wishlist purchases, and tributes.   Keep it up!    Thanks to downfall who spoiled his Goddess the most this week.  Keep checking my studios daily and purchase videos, support your Goddess in her quest to reach #1.

amazon1 amazon3 amazon 2


Worship your new religion, the commandments of Goddess Canna

Many of you have purchased my clip “Worship your new Religion, Goddess Canna”  from my Kinkbomb  or Clips4Sale studio.  I’m glad to see how many worshipers of mine are interested in taking it to the next level.   After an overwhelming amount of emails after seeing the clip I’ve decided to post my commandments publicly so that anyone can see them and be potentially converted 🙂  BUY THIS CLIP if you don’t have it already!  Only $7.99 and it will change your pathetic life.

your religion

Commandments for serving Goddess Canna

1) Your Goddess’s happiness is the most important thing.  Making Her happy is your reason for being. When you wake up each day it is your purpose to make Her smile.

2) You will pray to your Goddess daily, pray to Her for what you need. If you are worthy she will grant it to you.

3) To own a personal item of your Goddess Canna is to own a piece of Her. To be able to touch Her, smell Her, taste Her is an amazing honor.

4) You will consult no other woman about important decisions, only your Goddess and never your wife.

5) Your Goddess does not give out Her divine energy for free. Tributing and spoiling Her is your way of paying back all that She has done to change your life.  Those that give the most to Goddess Canna get the most in return.

6) There is no better use for your money and possessions than spending them on your one true Goddess Canna. Your ultimate purpose is making Her happy not acquiring possessions for yourself.

7) The more you worship, the more you trust and believe in Goddess Canna the more power you give Her to control you. Submission, intoxication, being hypnotized by Goddess Canna is all the result of giving up your control to Her.

8) You will spread the word about your Goddess and recruit Her more followers and worshipers. I am insatiable and deserve to be on a pedestal, one day your Goddess will dominate the femdom world.  Her faithful ones were the ones that got Her there.

If you follow My commandments you will be changed. Soak up my love and superior energy and you might be a better person than the loser you are now.  Why? Because you have a purpose now! You have a list of rules to live by. Follow them and find enlightenment through Me. I will be offer in person sessions to lucky, faithful, and generous worshipers next year.

If you wish to convert and worship Me, I encourage you to email Me. We will be on this journey together.

Video reviews

Did you miss me over the holiday weekend?  I had a lot of unexpected plans and decided to take off and enjoy myself 🙂  The life of a busy Goddess never stops though.  I got tons of orders for custom videos over the holiday so I’m back to fulfilling losers fantasies.  I got a few really great reviews I wanted to share on some of my recent videos.  If you haven’t checked out my the new feedback page there are more there.  Send me yours today!  Don’t forget you can leave my videos star ratings on kinkbomb as well.

artFan art and an edited review from a new fan.

 This review is from a new fan.  He liked his custom so much he made this artwork for me as well as an amazingly detailed review, I think it will convince anyone still doubting to buy a custom from me.  He already ordered another 20 minute custom less than a week later, I’d say he’s hooked!

“My first impression: Holy shit…that outfit! Even in my dreams I didn’t imagine you to look that awesome.  It’s like having my dream girl wear the hottest outfit on earth, and then realizing that I’m the first and only person to see this.  The next highlight was the posing! Bloody hell… have you never ever thought about becoming a professional pin-up model? I’ve had quite a few models pose for pinup art, but you really capture that pin-up spirit and attitude as if you never did anything else.

I love how much you interacted, how you kept on commenting your own actions while still talking directly to me a lot.  I loved that sadism and cruelty in your eyes,  calling me names, and your cheeky laughs. I think it was a good idea to make it such a long clip, because somewhere at this point, you seemed to really become one with your role. It didn’t seem like acting, it felt real. You let the mood of the clip carry you away and then your evil side took over. It was that moment I loved. Every human being has an evil side. It is usually suppressed and hidden, but you let it loose. It’s exactly that kind of creative viciousness that I was looking for, and that I find so hot in girls. And you didn’t just play a role, you actually found this thought entertaining, didn’t you? Even the greatest actor couldn’t act what was visible  in your gestures, in your smile, in your eyes and audible in your voice: that unleashing your evil side felt good. The rest of the clip, right until the end, was amazing.

My expectations were extremely high, and still I think that this custom video was worth every single dollar and every single minute of anticipation. You, miss Canna, aren’t only a great dominatrix, but also a very lovely person with a great sense of humor and I can imagine that many men fall for you, no matter if they are submissive or not.  And in case you wondered, yes you are the best femdom pornstar I ever had the honour of watching.”

I love this review, this is why I enjoy making customs so much.  I’m a perfectionist but it’s all so I can make your dream clip.  I’ve also posted a new home wrecker clip which has exploded in sales.

reviewreview on twitter for my new forced homewrecker video 


Luckily this one is available for resale in my clips4sale and kinkbomb stores.  You think you’re happy with your girlfriend but I’m going to make you cheat on her because I get what I want.  Can you really say no when I make you this hard?  I didn’t think so….   Buy it now!

Well if these reviews and my feedback page as well as evidence of my amazing videos in my two fetish video stores didn’t convince you, you might be a cheap faggot 🙂  Hahaha!   Read about ordering a custom video here.


Gifts galore

I picked up a ton of gifts this week, great job boys.  Way to make your Goddess feel spoiled 🙂  Here’s some pictures, thanks to those that treated me.  If you want to spoil me and buy me nice things check out my tribute page where I have my amazon wish lists and gift card links

Tons of packages!


A scarf from Woody.

From J:  An adorable sailor dress and light blue nightie.  Can’t wait to wear these in new clips.

A new blue under-bust corset, purchased with a gift card from A.

From M:  A black beach cover up, a Goddess head chain, and a juicer off my top priority wish list!  Can’t wait to break in the juicer.

A kick ass pair of boots purchased with a gift card.






Great job spoiling me, keep up the good work 🙂


Have you been enjoying all my new clip updates?  I’ve been filming, editing, and uploading new clips daily to my kinkbomb and clips4sale studios.  Also I’ve gotten the chance to do some really creative custom videos lately, my schedule is all clear now so send me your custom request before I’m busy again

I feel like July is going to be a GREAT month for me.  Sales have never been higher in my stores, keep purchasing those videos boys!  My Niteflirt lines are up and I’ve been doing skypes….read all about getting cam sessions with me here.   Your Goddess is busting her ass to save up for a car.  Sadly my last one was wrecked by my ex and that was awhile ago.  I need to be behind the wheel again, being able to drive long distances to meet up and film with Dommes, attending late night fetish events in my area, and just because I deserve it!

I STILL want to go to FetishCon too pets!  I can’t get their on my own because every spare dollar I have is going towards my new car.  If you want to see me in person, get to possibly shoot with me, or see the videos I shoot with other Dommes (I have tentative shoots already if I attend!) you should tribute for me to go.  Here’s my blog post about Fetishcon and how you can tribute me to get there.

-Make sure you are following my twitter@cannamiss.  I post daily with pictures, tidbits about myself, what I’m up too, when I post new videos, and MORE.  Sign up and send me tweets to let me know your thinking about your Goddess

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-Obviously buy my clips, duh.  Clips are the cheapest option I offer.  Also schedule live webcam sessions, phone sessions, and custom videos with me…support me!

-Spoil me in anyway you can.  Even $5, send me a small gift, send me cash, send me fan mail.  My mailbox address is:

Miss C
1327 SE Tacoma #108
Portland OR, 97202

No creepy shit.  I do not pick up my packages myself stalkers.

-CONVERT your religion, worship Goddess Canna today.  My amazing new clip “Worship your new Religion, Goddess Canna” is selling amazing.  Look out for my next blog post about my commandments.  For now, listen to the instructions in my video.  Read my website like your bible, worship and pray to me on your knees.  Here’s a preview of the video, buy it here on clips4sale or kinkbomb

your religion

That’s all for now pets.  I’ll be on skype and yahoo later today for those that want to schedule a session.  Email now