Bad but good week

I feel like I got pulled away from working so many times this week.  So many inconveniences messing up my day and pushing back filming and camming.  First my credit card got lost, then my apartment was having issues, then one of my poor cats wasn’t feeling well….phew!  I feel like I need a break!  Yesterday I filmed a TON of hot new content that will be posted to my clips4sale and kinkbomb studios over the week.  I also will be all caught up with custom videos after this weekend, so send me your idea now and I can get to it right away

I’m happy though for all the great subs and pets that have taken care of me this week even though I wasn’t around much.  Seeing your comments on my blog, emails, tweets, etc.  I love knowing that I am in your thoughts 🙂  My clip sales have been double my highest month ever and I am one happy Goddess.  Also I got hundreds in gift cards and some awesome gifts.   I’m still trying to get tributes to fly and attend Fetishcon in August.  It would the first chance to meet your Goddess and possibly film with her (if you are on your best behaviour).

I have gotten a lot of questions about when I will be on cam on streamate.  The thing is I don’t keep a consistent schedule there.  I used to be solely a live webcam model.  One year ago I branched out and started selling fetish videos, and I love it!  I love being able to shoot videos on my own time, doing what I want.  I also love making customs to make someones fantasy come to life.  Cam shows though, they were wearing me out.  Spending time in free chat and being harassed, being told to show things for free, dealing with assholes…it just is annoying and a waste of my time.  Also streamate pays a VERY LOW percent to models 35%, the lowest I know of.  So for your $5.49 per minute I make $1.92 and pay taxes on top of that.  I’m trying to shift to doing shows on skype or yahoo where customers pay less, I make more, and the time isn’t as important.  Read my last blog entry about skype if you are interested and contact me today to set up a future session  I will still be on streamate, but probably only 2-3 days a week.

I’m off to shoot more videos and lace up a super sexy pair of new boots 🙂

Email me for a session today

Are you interested in setting up a webcam session with me? I offer live webcam shows for my submissive fans and slaves.  I specialize in female domination, fetish, and humiliation shows.   NO masturbation.  Nudity is acceptable.

Some nights you can find me online on streamate in free chat.  Take me exclusive for a one on one show.   If I am offline you can send me a message and we can set up a time.

I also do webcam sessions on skype or yahoo messenger.  If I am immediately available for a show you will find me signed on already. You may message me and see if I would be able to do a show and give me details about what you are looking for. You are not to waste my time. You will not get a free show from me.  If I am not signed on send me an email to  Include all the information below. I am available for webcam sessions  most days between 2 pm PST and 10 PM.

TO SET UP A SESSION VIA EMAIL, include the following:

-Time frame for show (though it is still at my convenience)
-Length of show
-Type of show ( humiliation, cuckolding, sissy training, ass worship…etc.)

Include your skype username. You MUST send tribute before the show begins. My preferred method is clips4sale tribute. I also accept Niteflirt tribute, Kinkbomb tribute, credits on extra lunch money, MFC tokens. No gift cards or paypal. $5 per minute, 5 minutes minimum. Discounted if you purchase a show 15 minutes or longer, only $4 per minute.

Add me on skype:   goddess.canna

Add me on yahoo:   goddess.cannamiss


Tribute NOW for a live session 

5 minutes webcam session  –  Tribute $25

10 minute webcam session –  Tribute $50

15 minutes webcam session – Tribute $60

20 minutes webcam session – Tribute $80

30 minutes webcam session-  Tribute $120


Now on Niteflirt!

I’ve been doing live webcam and videos for over three years.  I’m happy to announce for the first time I am offering phone!  I have two listings on Niteflirt currently and will also be adding a phone option to streamate soon.  I’ve gotten lot’s of requests to offer phone and look forward to squeezing in some phone domination and humiliation while I edit videos 🙂

Call my femdom line here :

Call Button

Call my ignore line here:

Call Button

View my Niteflirt profile here.

If I’m offline you can send me a message and set up a future session.  Hope to hear the phone ringing soon, and don’t forget to rate me after our call!

New animations in my video stores

Have you guys checked out my new Kinkbomb store?  I’ve been really happy working for clips4sale the last year but wanted to expand my empire and reach a wider fan base.  I will be updating my Kinkbomb store with all my new videos and updating it with my older videos too.  I’m already get great sales in my first month and making more men weak for me.

I’ve been working hard on both of my stores, updating my page and working on new, better quality animations.  Sales have never been higher and my work is paying off 🙂  Also I am doing SO many customs, I love it!  Custom videos are my favorite and I am getting so many great, creative stories lately.  Nothing is too weird or strange to ask for, the worst I can say is no.   I’ve also filmed tons of new clips for my studio that will be added soon.  Here are some of the new videos and animations I’ve been working on.

are you readyAre you ready to serve?  Think you have what it  takes to make a Goddess like me happy?  Buy it on kinkbomb or clips4sale.

breast hypn0sisBreast hypn0sis.  Give me whatever I want because you can’t say no when you look at my big breasts. Buy it on kinkbomb or clips4sale.

forced bi gif

Forced Bi cum eating encouragement.   Making you suck my bf’s big black cock, but you really wanted to didn’t you?  Buy it on kinkbomb or clips4sale.

If you like these previews BUY the videos, don’t just jerk off to the animation and description.  You’ll be able to jerk your cock to my hot videos whenever you want.  Become my jerk off slave, addicted to buying my videos and stroking to me.

 Want to have a video all of your own? Check out my custom video page and email me today.

Fetish Con

Have any of my fans been to Fetish Con before?  It’s coming up in two months, August 15-18th in Tampa, Florida.  I’ve been to a few other conventions before including the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas but nothing specifically fetish based before.  I’d love to travel to this convention and pass out business cards, promote myself, work with other hot dommes that will be in attendance, and meet some of my fans.  Clips4sale is a big sponsor for this event, I can’t believe my clip store has almost been open for only one year.  I feel like I’ve been making my fans weak with videos forever 🙂  

You can attend this convention too and meet your Goddess!    Get her autograph, take a picture with her, see her beauty and hear her voice in person.   Only $75 for fans to attend the convention and meet tons of fetish models, attend seminars, access to special fetish products, and live dungeons.   It has been over a year since I’ve attended a convention and had the opportunity to meet my fans, DON’T MISS THIS!

Of course I need help paying for it.  Flying from the NW to Florida and staying in a hotel is expensive.  I need to make $1500 in tributes over the next two months to cover the cost, otherwise I will not be able to attend.  Don’t you think you should pay for the privilege of meeting me?  There are two ways you can help pay for my trip:  Tribute me $100 on KINKBOMB here  , or Tribute me $100 via CLIPS4SALE here.  Anyone that tributes $100 will get all the videos I film while in Tampa, including any videos I make with other dommes and subs, my first non-solo fetish videos.   Also you will receive pictures from the events and get to take pictures with me if you attend yourself.  Anyone that contributes $500+  MAY receive the privilege of paying for my drinks, dinner, or shopping  if they don’t bore me.   Obviously I will only be giving away these amazing offers if I actually do reach my goal of $1500 and attend.  Any tributes less than a $100 are still happily accepted, you still want me to make hot videos right?  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity boys…

Any questions?  Email me

Spoil Your Goddess

Spoil Your Goddess



I had a lovely weekend off.  It was even better because I received so many gifts 🙂  You know that is a great way to put a smile on my face.  I received a big package of gifts I bought using my EX-slave Pete’s money.  That’s right, ex-slave.  You see Pete jerked off his cock too much and didn’t want to pay the cum tax he agreed too.   Such a loser pussy boy that he couldn’t even email me to say sorry and grovel, he just stopped emailing.  Don’t expect to ever hear from your Goddess again when  you break her rules.  I love having slaves and pets under contract and owning their cock, if they can handle the rules and the cost.

Anyway, back to my gifts.  I bought myself a ton of cute clothes, a purse, some killer heels, socks, and a make up bag all with Loser Pete’s money.  I also bought these epic spike bras that you’ve probably seen me modeling in my new studio layouts.

I also got  gifts from my wishlist.  A pair of amazing super long socks from Loser Pete from American Apparel, I need these in every color now!  As well as a hot new fishnet body suit and waist cincher from good boy Woody.


Want to spoil your Goddess?  Go to my TRIBUTE ME tab and check out my wishlists and my favorite list of e-gift cards!  Email me if you need my UPS mailbox address to send cash or gifts not on my wishlist.

I’ll be back on cam tonight guys, find me on Streamate later wearing my new fishnet outfit.


Custom videos

I have been keeping myself very busy lately with custom clip orders.  So busy in fact that updates to my clip studios are slacking. I’m sorry to say boys but I have to up the price of my custom content.  It’s no longer profitable for me to charge $5 per minute and not resell my videos.  I put time into setting up the scene, memorizing a script, getting dressed, editing, uploading…all to get paid $5 per minute only for the filmed portion.  That means an hours worth of worth for $25-50 dollars? Not going to cut it.

Don’t worry though, my prices aren’t going up if you don’t mind me reselling your clip. From now on I will start custom videos at $5 per minute, 5 minutes minimum. You will still be able to write the script, choose my outfit, etc. but I will now be reselling most custom videos in my clips4sale studios and other locations that I sell my videos. If you wish to have your video be completely exclusive, you will be the only person to view it, that will cost $10 per minute.

If my prices are too expensive for you I also take suggestions.  If you would like to give me ideas for video shoots I am always welcome to hearing them.  BUT there is no guarantee it will ever make it to my studio.  I get suggestions daily and only choose what I feel would sell well in my studio and would appeal to my customers.  The only guaranteed way to see your idea is to purchase a custom video from me or catch me on live cam to act it out live for you.

I already have lots of custom orders coming in, email me your request to Let me know the type of clip you are looking for, a script if you have one, outfit requests, and length desired.  If you do not specify an EXCLUSIVE custom clip your clip will be released in my studio at a later date.  I have also had too many people flake on me after payment was due, stupidly thinking I’d post it to my studio for cheaper.  To prevent this from happening I now require a deposit of 50% of the estimated clip price before filming.  My payment method of choice is tribute via clips4sale, kinkbomb, or niteflirt. I will email you when the clip is ready and will sent your video download link after receiving the rest of the payment.  

Any questions? Email me  Check out my newly updated cam shows page HERE  for more info on what I’m interested in filming.

Own your Goddess’ panties or socks


Do you want to purchase a pair of panties or socks that have been worn by your Goddess?  A nice pair or sweaty, smelly stockings for you to sniff and jerk off to?  A pair of panties that were against my perfect pussy that you can stuff in your mouth?

I wear my panties for 24 hours before packaging and shipping discreetly.  $50 per pair.  $10 extra per additional day worn.   This price is for USA shipping ONLY, contact me for international shipping price

Socks or stockings I wear for 48 hours.  Let me know if you want them clean / sweaty / smelly  $30 per pair.  $10 extra per additional day worn.  This price is for USA shipping ONLY, contact me for international shipping.  Before shipping if you would like me to film a custom video wearing them for you I will do it at a discounted price.  I’ve never had a disappointed customer, dirty men love to buy my smelly shoes, socks, and panties to jerk off in and I love supplying it for them.



Back home


            I’m back home from Vegas boys!  I had a great vacation, really only my second vacation ever since I don’t count traveling for family or work.  I spoiled myself with lot’s of shopping and found the perfect pair of heels.  My boyfriend and I ate at so many good restaurants too.  Ask me how you can tribute for one of my shopping purchases or meals out with my man 🙂  I am happy to be home though, I missed my bed, my cats, and my subs.

If you somehow didn’t hear about my exclusive vegas picture deal I’ll explain one last time.  I’m extending this special offer through the weekend so you have two more days to take advantage of it. I took tons of pictures in Vegas of my hotel, me, my new clothes, and of course filmed a few videos.  If you send me a tribute, gift card, or purchase me gifts of my wishlist totaling $15 minimum I will send you this EXCLUSIVE picture set as well as a 5 minute financial domination video filmed in the huge luxurious bed I slept in and paid for with your money.

Hurry though, you only have two more days to get this exclusive offer.  The video will be for sale through my studio but not the pictures.  I have 30 pictures already and plan to take more of my sexy outfits and heels I purchased.  I’ve included a few in this post, enjoy them…but don’t you dare jerk off to them fuckers.  You can send me a gift card to my email  You will find my Amazon wishlists HERE and can tribute me via my studio HERE.  Send me an email with proof of your tribute and I will send the pictures and videos by Monday.

One last bit of good news for you about me being home is that I am available for customs videos again.  I will be updating my custom video page after I complete the last few requests I received before leaving on vacation.  I will also be on cam most days this week from 7pm- 10pm PST on Streamate.  If you haven’t signed up already for this site use my referral page and I get double your money 🙂 I am also available for Skype earlier in the day preferably by email appointment.   See the info and prices on my “Cam Shows” tab HERE.  Have a great weekend, it’s good to be back.