Hilarious stuff on amazon

I was adding some items to my wishlist on Amazon , specifically some new small penis dildos.  I decided to do an Amazon search for “small penis” to see what would come up 🙂

This one is hilarious!  I added it to my wishlist to read for a laugh.  I mean there is no technique to fucking a small cock, you simply can’t feel it!

Now this is much more realistic.  Penis size is important.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this. I would love for one of my little dick losers to buy this and send me a picture of them wearing it.  I’ll add it to my “page of shame” coming soon.

Hilarious mouse pad and they put it on coffee cups too.  You can be reminded of what a pathetic achievement you’ve made while you jerk off to porn!

For those of you that like to pretend your actually 4 inches…

For those of you with penis envy.  You’re not going to be bigger anytime soon so get used to it! This actually ties in with a clip I just added to my fetish studio “Jealous of Big Black Cocks”.  Buy it if you are jealous of how puny you are next to a real mans cock.


I had no idea Amazon would have that many items for you pathetic boys.  Who wants to be the first one to send me a picture with their new purchases 🙂  I’ve also added some of these items to my wishlist to use in a video.

Welcome to my new spot on the internet, I’ll be updating a lot and adding all my links and filling the site out more over time.  Look around and enjoy Goddess Canna’s first website.  I’m really excited and have lot’s in store.