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This site contains adult material, no one under the age of 18 should be viewing this page.  If you are under the age of 18 or do not wish to enter this site LEAVE NOW.

My website and content are female domination and fetish based.  If you are interested in worshiping a beautiful dominant redhead Goddess you came to the right place.  Check out my pages for more info about me and get ready to be addicted.

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17 Replies to “18+ ONLY”

  1. jim allegre

    just bought your green sock video. amazing. it would be great to see more thigh high socks on your beautiful legs and feet, being used to torment and abuse worthless slaves. thank you.

    • GoddessCanna Post author

      Thanks Jim, I love socks. I will definitely be making more videos like that to tease my foot slaves with.

  2. Gary

    ooooOOOoooooohhh… Love your sweater fetish video! I am now a fan, and hope there will be more. Oh, and look! You are on one of my favorite phone sex lines! Yay!!!

  3. Daniel

    Just watched Chastity Training pt 1. My program starts 2:00 p.m., Saturday August 31. This is going to be very difficult. Normally, I masturbate twice per day, three times on days off of work. It is now 3:16 p.m. and already I want to watch porn and play with myself again.

  4. Loserboy

    The Goddess Cannas sacrifice video is amazing! The pain is hard to take, but it’s impossible to resist this beautiful goddess. Probably the best torture video I’ve ever seen.

  5. Goddess Canna's NIgger Slave

    I bought your “Nigga Worship” video, and I loved it. I liked that you focused on your beautiful tits, ass, and pussy. I enjoyed your overall tone, and what you said (love it when you make it known that you are superior to black women/nigger bitches). I loved that you use “nigger” freely when talking, but didn’t try to use any other slurs or attempts at humiliation. It was a perfect domination of my nigger dick by you, my beautiful white goddess. I exploded for you several times thanks to that video. If you make more videos like this one, I’ll definitely buy. Take care.

  6. Nathanielstarr

    Been waiting all night for my custom video! I am so excited and cannot wait! It is sweet, sweet torture. I am like a kid on christmas eve and I can’t wait for the sun to come up. Sorry if I seemed bossy when I asked you about it, but I am just so eager to see it! I think you are so hot and sexy….

  7. Dee

    Love pale looking white girls with red, And pink red soles, What type of scent do your feet carry, Cheese, Corn Chips or ripe sweet vinegar?

  8. SashaT

    As a married black woman I can actually say that my black husband masturbates more to your racial videos of you humiliating a black woman than he has sex with me. I know this cause I check his computer when hes at work, and for some reason that humiliation turns me on.


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